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Sonya Sadhwani

Time Out meets: Sonya Sadhwani

Where does the Director of the Melcom Group of Companies shop and find inspiration?

Written by
Daniel Neilson

Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes? 

Recently I had a fun shopping trip at My Closet in Abelempke.  They had a great variety of fashion garments and I ended up picking a few skirts, shorts and jumpsuits.  Another favorite shop of mine is the international brand Mango situated in West Hills Mall and Accra Mall.  However, when I have work events, I usually go to pick up an outfit from Nallem or Woodin to have the African touch.  Because I was born in Ghana, I am very comfortable in African prints and designs.

Where do you take visitors to eat? 

I have condensed my list of Must Go Restaurants recently.  When I have visitors in town, my favorite restaurant to entertain them at is Santoku, where there is an amazing lunch menu and in one hour you can complete a very satisfying meal.  In the evenings it has a buzzing atmosphere and is always full so you must remember to make a reservation.  The food is of the highest standard and the taster menu is scrumptious.  There are many other favorites of mine including Michelangelo for the best wine, home grown rocket, bresaoela and parmesan followed by truffle ravioli.  Also La Chaumiere’s cheese soufflé, warm goat’s cheese, Algerian Prawns with a side order of creamed spinach is just yummy!  Let us not forget Rockerfellas for great sushi, cocktails and shisha.  It is always rocking and you leave satisfied everytime.

Where is the best place to get quality food if you're entertaining? 

When I entertain at home I get my seafood from Blue Ocean. He has the best salmon steaks, lobsters and jumbo prawns. And Mr Mustaffa delivers, which is an added convenience.  Other groceries I pick up from Melcom and Koala as they are conveniently located for me and between the two, I get everything I need to prepare the perfect spread for my guests.

Which Ghanaian fashion designers do you admire?

I have always loved the late Kofi Ansah’s designing.  He has been my favorite by far.  Kanye West’s designer, Virgil Alboh is also very creative.  His ‘street wear’ clothing design looks awesome.  Casely Hayford has also just launched an amazing 48hr express personal tailoring which has taken off like a house on fire.  

How have you seen the Ghanaian fashion scene developing over the last five years? 

Over the last few years I have notice a big change in Ghanaian fashion.  It has become very trendy – keeping up with international fashion – as in the designs, colors, fabrics, etc.  So many Ghanaian fashion designers and models are popping up daily.  What I admire the most, in Ghanaian fashion, is the way each and every creation has retained some of the tradition and culture, either in the style of the outfits or prints or the way it is dressed up.  I, myself, own quite a few of them, too.  

What traditional items/clothing/souvenirs do you take for presents abroad? (Eg kente cloth, batik etc?).

There is such a vast variety of gifts available here to take for people abroad.  My all time favorite one is kente cloth products.  You can get wallets, pencil cases, scarves, outfits, hand bags, etc with kente prints on them or the actual cloth made into ties, bowties, sashes, etc.  I also love Malachite pieces of faberge eggs, elephants and the chessboard and solitaire sets.  Another favorite of mine is the ashanti stool which can be used as book ends, planters, an objet de art, a poof, etc.  And last, but not least, is the Thinking Man.  The Ghanaian Thinking Man is an awesome sculpture that everyone should own, I feel. 

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