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Paragliding Festival

Paragliding Festival

See Ghana from up up up.

Written by
Daniel Neilson

What started out as a grass roots project three years ago, has become an integral part of the annual Easter celebrations in Ghana. With amazing aerial displays, music and a jovial atmosphere, the festival get bigger year after year. 

The idea behind the festival is to have tandem paragliding jumps for visitors and local people so that they may see the natural beauty of the land in a minimal impact way. And with consistent thermals, trips are relaxing and enjoyable. The organisers want to create a special adventure for local residents of the area to have a go, an opportunity of a lifetime when their daily struggle is tediously hard.  

Trips are fully catered; complete with arranged hotel accommodation, transportation, meals and cultural immersion. Some pilots also coordinate their itineraries to stay longer, beyond the festival dates, in order to travel together and experience more of the beauty that Ghana has to offer.

The festival has also helped local businesses as well with services such as taxi drivers, hotel owners, food vendors and souvenir sells earning more income from the event.

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