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   Bebe Ansah 2013 open and junior surf champ
Brett Davies Bebe Ansah 2013 open and junior surf champ

Surfing in Ghana

Mr Bright's Surf School hold the first ever Busua Beach Boardriders Surf Championships

Over the Christmas Holidays 2013, Busua Beach hosted the Busua Beach Boardriders Surf Championships. Surfing in Ghana is still a young sport, but it's a sport that is growing fast. Busua Beach Boardriders Club is the only surf club in Ghana. It started to help the local surfers of Busua improve their skills of riding the waves, introduce the sport to the younger generation, raise money to buy equipment, and for the surfers to travel to foreign countries to compete. In Busua there are around 16 local surfers ranging from the age of 7 to 24. Some of the surfers have travelled to South Africa, and to Ghana's neighbouring country Cote d'Ivoire to compete in surfing competitions.
The Busua Beach Boardriders Club hosts three events per year to decide the overall surfing champions. The final competition was held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December 2013. This year we had surprise visitors, a Ghanaian surfer from Fete and two young surfers from Togo. The local surfers from Busua were surprised to see these young surfers, as far as they knew they were the only surfers in Ghana. Unfortunately the waves were small but big enough to hold the event. Due to the demand of up and coming youth surfers, during the contest we were able to hold three Categories - Under 16, Junior and Open.
2014 looks to be a big year for surfing in Africa, this September will see a historic surfing event being held in Sierra Leone. The Africa Surf Invitational surf contest will be held at Bureh Beach, Sierra Lione. It began with a vision of the unifying of amateur and pro surfers from around the globe, meeting respectfully each year on the shores of Africa. Ghana will be the next contest location in 2015. The Busua Beach Boardriders Club are planning to send a team to the event and are currently looking for sponsorship to raise money to compete in this historical event.
If you are interested in helping these young talented surfers please contact Brett Davies - and for further information on the Busua Beach Boardriders Club and surfing in Ghana check the following website
Contest results for the Busua Beach Boardriders Surf Championships for 2013 are as follows: 1st place Bebe Ansah, 2nd place Michael Bentum. Open results for the final contest: 1st place Bebe Ansah, 2nd place Michael Bentrum and 3rd place Peter Ansah. Juniors: 1st place Bebe Ansah, 2nd Place Benjamin Durant Jr. and 3rd place Michael Bentum.
Sponsors of the event were Africa Cola, Rip Curl, Da Kine, Alder, Mr Brights Surf Shop, Surf Ghana, Studio 9, Oil City Magazine and Time Out Accra Magazine.
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