The Trial

Theatre, Drama
The Trial

Thrilling drama set in Ghana, directed by Simon Eifeler.

A fresh version of Franz Kafka's philosophical novel, first published in 1925. There have been many adaptations of the theme, but this one features three actors from Ghana and is aimed at a Ghanaian audience. 

The play centres around Josef K, a young banker who is arrested on his 30th birthday but is not given a reason for his arrest. The story is told in English, German and Ga. 

Not knowing the judicial system, the process of arrest, nor even his alleged crime, themes of confusion, unfairness and injustice can be easily linked to modern day Ghana. 

The play's director, Simon Eifeler, directed a twin production in Germany to critical acclaim. Accra's version is set to be just as successful. 

30 GHC.

Two shows each day 6pm and 7:30pm.