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Valentine's Day sunset

5 alternative Valentine's Day suggestions

Candles, rose petals and great expectations. Valentine's Day is coming but fear not, we've got it covered. Here are five alternatives to the expensive romantic dinner, that will surprise and impress. By Metteliva Henningsen

Written by
Daniel Neilson

1. Watch the sunset
Nothing is as romantic as watching the ocean sunset together. Located at the seaside, Accra is perfect for just that. Labadi Beach, Bojo Beach or Coco Beach. are all great places to take a picnic or simply just snuggle up and enjoy the view.
(Where: Labadi Beach, Bojo Beach, Coco beach, Krokobite beach etc) 

2. Share an ice cream or dessert
Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. Sharing a dessert will soften and warm even the cold and stubborn ones. Melt away with scoops of delicious ice cream, indulge in the creamy flavours and enjoy frosty kisses. If ice cream isn't your thing, a delicious apple crumble, crème brûlée or chocolate lava cake will do the trick as well.
(Where: Pinocchio, Frankie's, Deli at Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel)

3. Hold hands in the cinema 
This is the perfect excuse to squeeze a little bit closer and hold hands in the dark. May we suggest the all-time classic of going to the movies together. Let the screen entertain you as you treat your Valentine with popcorn and soda.
(Where: Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall)

4. Cocktails and dancing (drinks)
Girls just want to have fun. Dress up, put your favourite cologne on and take your sweetheart dancing. Whether it's the bar or dance floor that excite you the most, a fun night out and about will put a smile on any Valentine.
(Where: Your favourite bar and/or music spot. Try Zen Garden or +233 Jazz bar)

5. Share a Sheesha smoking
You don't have to visit a faraway land for a romantic getaway. Fire up with the oriental vibes of Sheesha (waterpipe) smoking. Select a flavour you both like and blow hearts of smoke to your Valentine. The bubbly sound and relaxed ambience will set the scene for a lovely evening.
(Where: Shisha Lounge, Lord of the Wings, DNR Turkish Restaurant)

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