DevLess Hackathon

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DevLess Hackathon

2-day hackathon for developers, students and business professionals.

The DevLess Hackathon is a 2-day event which brings together developers, individuals, students and business professionals to brainstorm and develop creative tech solutions aimed at solving problems in our society.

At the event, you will go through a series of training sessions administered by experienced Developers from DevLess and Business Fellows from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. You will then form a team to build solutions to your proposed challenges using the DevLess Platform in the process.

Mentors will be available to guide and assist you and your team should you face any challenges.

Times: Friday 1st September at 2pm, Saturday 2nd September at 6pm.


Frequently Asked Questions:
I don’t have very much coding experience, can I still participate?
Yes! A Hackathon provides the perfect environment for you to learn how to code quickly. Knowledge about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (as a web developer) is enough for you to be successful at the hackathon. Mentors and experienced developers are available to support you. All you have to do is try something and the experience automatically follows.

What do I need to bring?
Come with your laptop and don’t forget the charger! And, make sure to bring your awesome ideas! Use your preferred IDE (e.g. Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.) for this Hackathon.

What should I learn/read before coming?
Familiarize yourself with the DevLess Framework. It is a easier and faster way to put together the backend of web and mobile applications. Read the documentation and practice making API calls.

What are we building?
Solutions to be built at the hackathon should solve a problem in society... from agriculture, education, sanitation, etc. It could be in the form of a web application, or a mobile application.

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