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  1. Wooden carving at street stall in Elmina

  2. Overlooking Elmina's natural harbour at dusk

  3. Overlooking the beach east from Elmina Castle

  4. Riding through the market

  5. Most of the town comes out every morning to count the boats back under the bridge

  6. Fishing boast returning

  7. Time for repairs and relaxation before fishing time

  8. A riot of colour as the boats come back in

  9. Off-loading the fish from the boats

Colours of Elmina

East of Accra is one of West Africa's most colourful towns

Is there a more colourful vision in Ghana than Elmina's fishing port on a clear morning? This masculine little town subjects the visitor to a whirl of sights, sounds and smells like nowhere else on the coast. The clatter and chatter of the fish market is a world unto itself and truly a sight to behold - a swarming rainbow palette of batik dresses and football shirts offset by great tubs of crabs, squid and mahi-mahi, all dominated by the painted hulls of newly returned pirogues, themselves strewn with flags and washing. When you factor in a supporting cast of goats, chickens and wheeling birds of prey, not to mention the oven-door heat blast, it's quite a scene.

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