Ghana Paragliding Festival 2017

Ghana Paragliding Festival 2017

Three days of beautiful scenery in an unspoilt area of lush Ghana. A charitable event for both Ghanaians and tourists.

Founded in 2003, this paragliding festival has become an annual celebration of outdoor pursuits as well as an opportunity for many Ghanaians to see their landscape by air.

The festival attracts both Ghanaians and foreigners alike, but is most importantly a once in a lifetime opportunity for many poor residents who struggle on a daily basis just to secure consistent meals. It is an honourable project and a much-celebrated festival over Easter weekend.

The festival strengthens the local economy by creating opportunities for local business proprietors, like taxi drivers, hotel owners, food vendors and souvenir sellers, to earn more income.

The Cloudbase Foundation is the organising charity and each year's group of participating tandem pilots raise money for the cause. 

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