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Amsterdam Airbnb
Photograph: Airbnb

The best Airbnbs in Amsterdam

Searching for a magical stay in this iconic city? Look no further than our round-up of the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam

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Matt Breen
Ed Cunningham
Lola Christina Alao
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte

We are confident enough to wager that "a fun-filled weekend in a swanky Amsterdam Airbnb" is one of the most popular bucket list items in all of tourism. Why wouldn’t it be? Amsterdam has long been one of the most popular cities on the planet for travellers, tourists, nomads and backpackers alike, a relatively quaint and cosy European city as famous for its debauchery as its culture. The two often mix, which certainly helps. The biggest city in the Netherlands is one of the biggest deals in tourism, make no mistake about it.

It shouldn’t come as a great surprise to hear that the city is full of awe-inspiring Airbnb options, from sweet and romantic loft apartments to luxurious modern flats that just so happen to be floating on the city’s famous canals. Are you looking for the best Airbnbs in Amsterdam? Look no further. We've rounded up the best of the best Airbnbs in the city. You won't be disappointed. 

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Amsterdam's best Airbnbs

The houseboat on the 'Dam canal
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1. The houseboat on the 'Dam canal

Unsurprisingly for a port city full of canals, there are plenty of houseboats to rent on Airbnb in Amsterdam and this is a very pleasant one indeed. It's modernly furnished and has a deck that’s perfect for sitting out during the sunnier months. Plus, access to a nearby gym is included. Why you'd want to go to a gym while on holiday is another thing entirely, but each to their own.

The 'actual' crane in the Eastern Docklands
Photograph: Airbnb

2. The 'actual' crane in the Eastern Docklands

Nope, your eyes aren’t telling fibs: that’s an actual old harbour crane on the IJ river that has been turned into a spectacular, one-of-a-kind Airbnb. Over three floors you’ve got a neatly-packed bedroom, lounge, kitchen and outdoor bit – all decked out with an elegant finish and a load of swish modern gadgets. Whether you’re a crane enthusiast or not, this one’s pretty unbeatable.

Another houseboat with free bikes near the Olympic Stadium
© Airbnb

3. Another houseboat with free bikes near the Olympic Stadium

As you can imagine, the list of trendy/chic/minimal/cool houseboats on offer in Amsterdam is lengthy. So how can an Airbnb'er make sure theirs stands out? With free bikes, of course! In a city that is best navigated on two wheels, you couldn't find a more perfect (and affordable) stay than this floating home near the Frans Otten Stadium. This modern two-storey vessel sleeps four, has two bathrooms, a roof terrace and towels, tea/coffee and wifi are all included. There are four bikes available and a child seat if necessary.

The old bridge house in Willemsbrug
Photograph: Airbnb

4. The old bridge house in Willemsbrug

It’s difficult to get a better canal view in 'Dam than by being literally on one. That’s what you get with this ‘bridge house’, which, as its name suggests, is a rental that straddles a canal. Once the home of an Amsterdam bridge keeper (ie. the person who guards a bridge), this bridge house was built in 1928 but has since been restored into an Airbnb with a double bed, kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to wave at the boats as they pass by!

The luxury apartment smack-bang in De Pijp
Photograph: Airbnb

5. The luxury apartment smack-bang in De Pijp

For peanuts, you'll get both authenticity and luxury with this Airbnb. Situated in the heart of De Pijp, this is a private apartment offering bright morning sunlight, comfortable beds and a charming balcony. So, in the summer you'll be able to eat your meals outside, with beautiful garden views. You'll also find a good size lounge sofa facing a flatscreen TV. You're bound to have a comfortable stay in this apartment, and you'll feel right at home.

The boathouse with free parking on the waterfront
Photograph: Airbnb

6. The boathouse with free parking on the waterfront

That headline is underselling it somewhat; there’s plenty more to this waterfront cabin than the joys of free parking (not that free parking should be scoffed at). Located in trendy Amsterdam-Noord, this stunning spot somehow manages to bridge the divide between excitement and peace, offering the perfect base for exploring this part of the city while also offering tranquillity and serenity in spades. Also, who doesn’t love a real fire?

The multi-floor townhouse in Willemsburg
Photograph: Airbnb

7. The multi-floor townhouse in Willemsburg

After Amsterdam’s canals, the city’s tall, slender, gorgeous townhouses are arguably its most iconic sight. So here’s the chance to stay in one: a rental in Oud-West that gives you the full run of an entire multi-floor ‘Dam townhouse. With its huge open spaces, enormous windows, charming garden and lengthy reel of fancy facilities and gadgets, it’s also just on the edge of the canal district and within easy walking distance of the city centre, Museum Quarter and Vondelpark.

The artist-friendly loft on the Herengracht Canal
Photograph: Airbnb

8. The artist-friendly loft on the Herengracht Canal

If you close your eyes tight enough, you might just be able to imagine life as a cultural titan of the city while staying here. Elena is a tremendous host but the joys of this Herengracht loft go way beyond convivial hospitality; the huge windows and high ceiling give this place a feeling of grandeur that brings tears to the eyes and ideas to the mind. The location is perfect, the loft itself is better.

The canal penthouse in De Pijp

9. The canal penthouse in De Pijp

Houseboat schmouseboat! This canalside penthouse has just as much to offer – from jaw-dropping views to a delightfully luxurious interior. A unique space that sleeps up to four people, this 1890s home comes complete with original, exposed beams and enough daylight that you’ll practically feel as though you’re outside. Plus, a bunch of Dutch intellectuals have supposedly lived there – so you’ll fit right in. Ah, flattery.


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