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Is Bangkok still the world's street food capital? Take the Time Out Index survey to help us find out.

Time Out Index

Bangkok is known over the world for its street eats. The most recent Time Out Index survey in 2019, which asked 34,000 people around the world, hailed the city for having the most vibrant street food culture, to the fact that you're likely to find street food joints everywhere around the city, with most Bangkokians go out to enjoy them twice a week on average. Now we want to find out if that is still true. Is Bangkok still a dream destination for hungry bellies? What is the best neighborhood to enjoy street food in Bangkok? Is Yaowarat overrated? We’re aiming to answer these questions and many moreand we need your help.

Take the Time Out Index 2020 now and tell us all about life in Bangkok today. It’s fun and anonymous, it takes about ten minutes, and when you’re done, we’ll reveal your soul city: the place that you absolutely have to visit this year, based on your survey answers. 

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