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Pintxos in Barcelona!

Pintxos may be property of the Basque Country and Navarra, but Barcelona has its share of long bars full of these tapas on bread, from the classics to the most creative

You may know your tapas inside and out, but have you the Basque Country's version? Pintxos can easily be described as 'tapas on bread', but they're so much more than that. Whether they're hot or cold, savoury or sweet, these small treats will make your taste buds happy and fill your belly. Among all the bars and restaurants tempting you with the platters of piled-high pintxos, we've come up with a list of some of our favourites. The staff will keep track of your toothpicks (try hiding them at your own risk!) to tally your bill at the end of your meal. And don't forget to order the cider, poured at arm's length by a bartender staring into the middle distance.


They don’t mess about here. Maitea ('love' in Basque) has a range of over 100 hot and cold pintxos. The unusual thing about this rather atypical bar, says Nico Montaner, is that the chef, his mother, is a Basque who moved to Catalonia. This explains why she combines Catalan and Basque cuisine in such a way that a pintxo of leek and romesco sauce can be found alongside an omelette of piquillo peppers. We could go on and one about the variety of flavours, but all you really need to know is that the key to this bar is its simplicity, originality and quality. The best time to turn up is at 8.30pm – be sure you're good and hungry.

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Enthusiasts of fine Basque cuisine will love this place. A cosy restaurant in Gràcia. The dishes of the day are read out (and in a Basque accent) by the owner, Miguel. The highlights include the excellent T-bone steak, the hake nape and a range of starters such as clams, squid and their unbeatable cod omelette.

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When people talk about where the best pintxos are, the phrase 'haute cuisine in miniature' often comes up. And after 15 years in the business, Irati most definitely tops the rankings in this field. Restaurant manager Alex Monjas says that each of their pintxos has at least four ingredients, and that they have carefully studied the best ways to combine all of them. The elongated bar, free of stools, is topped by some 50 varieties of tapas, both hot and cold. On a good night they can dish up 600. A marvel among them is a hot tapa made of scorpionfish cake on a base of sour cream and egg. And definitely try the slice of bread that becomes a tiny empire of sobrassada sausage, with honey, apple and crispy Idiazabal cheese. But strangely enough, the most popular pintxos here are the traditional ones, such as cod ajoarriero (oil, garlic and pepeers). As for cold options, try the one featuring red peppers, tuna, anchovy paste and fried leeks. And for dessert, nothing beats their picor orgàsmic (orgasmic itch), of goat’s cheese with walnuts, raspberry jam and crispy peppers.

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El Gòtic

Golfo de Bizkaia

With its seagoing motifs on the walls and windows, the Golfo de Bizkaia is part of the Sagardi group, and offers roughly the same range of tapas that you’ll  find at its older brother’s, Sagardi, but in a more intimate setting. In fact, part of its charm is eating pintxos shouder-to shoulder with the Born regulars. If you go at rush hour, you’ll have to fight for space, but the pintxos are worth a bit of pushing and shoving.

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Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Euskal Etxea

A Basque cultural centre and the best of the city's many pintxo bars. Help yourself to dainty jamón serrano croissants, chicken tempura with saffron mayonnaise, melted provolone with mango and crispy ham, or a mini-brochette of pork. Hang on to the toothpicks spearing each one: they'll be counted up and charged for at the end. In addition to the tapas bar, there is also a dining room at the back.

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Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera


Although its location (right on the tourist route) might be a little off-putting, the tapas at Txirimiri are absolutely top of the range. For over 10 years, Inigo Albizu has devoted himself to this place, and anyone who wants to experience his marvellous tapas should drop by here at 12.30pm and 8.30pm, which is when the rather short bar fills up with over 50 delicious varieties of tapas. Of the hot tapas, chistorra sausage with a quail egg is the number-one choice. As for the cold tapas, you can’t go wrong with the exquisite prawn and leek pudding. Basque-born Albizu hates the practice imposed by tourism where you pay by counting the toothpicks, but now he’s resigned to it. 'In the Basque Country it’s a matter of trust,' he says.

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Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Taktika Berri

If you ask fans of Basque restaurants, many will tell you that Taktika Berri is possibly the best in Barcelona, and their pintxos have a lot to do with their reputation. The cooks hail from San Sebastián and serve up some 25 different pintxos, hot and cold. They're classic and simple: cod omelette, sausage, battered hake, an unsurpassed cod with pepper ... And since you have to elbow your way to the bar to get the much-coveted hot pintxos, we recommend a cold speciality: the scrambled egg with red peppers and garlic.

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It’s not the city’s best-known Basque restaurant, but 11 years of hard work have certainly paid off here. The bar at Lagunak has a range of almost 30 tapas, as well as good mini-casseroles, all made under the watchful eye of owner Peter Bellver, a native of San Sebastian, the Mecca of tapas. 'This is a traditional bar, deeply rooted in the culture of tapas,' he says. Though not innovative, the tapas are very well made. The croquettes filled with stewed crab are a perfect example; you can catch them freshly made at 1.30pm and 8.30pm.

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Les Corts

Taverna Blai Tonight

In the short time it's been in Poble-sec, this bar has made its in the coveted area of C/ Blai and C/ Blesa, thanks to its delicious and varied one-euro pintxos and its vibrant energy.

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El Poble-sec