15 shareable punches and large-format drinks to order

These bars and restaurants serve punches and large-format drinks for big parties or just a small crew with a great thirst.

Photo: Nicole EssThe Dawson serves Octopus' Garden for large groups.

Whether it's a birthday party or just a Friday night, when the evening calls for sharing a cocktail with friends, these Chicago restaurants and bars have you covered. From a punch that serves your 20 closest friends on a hot rooftop bar to smoothies built for two, try these extra large options the next time you're out.

Fishbowls at Analogue

Logan Square cocktail bar Analogue serves two large fishbowls for $36 apiece. The #3 has rum, cognac, sherry and pineapple, while #5 is made with bourbon, ginger beer, black tea, honey and Angostura.

Logan Square

Very Big Cocktails at BIG Bar

BIG Bar offers all their cocktails, like a mule with Bulleit bourbon, lime and ginger beer, in two formats—Big and Very Big. The Very Big cocktails start at $38 and go up from there, and can serve two or more people.


Apothecary Service at Cindy's

Chicago Athletic Association rooftop bar Cindy's offers an "apothecary service" that serves 20 people. The Grey Garden is a mix of vodka and creme de violette with tea and lemon, while the Kick in the Daisy is a spicy drink with ancho-infused tequila and watermelon juice. The drinks are $250 each.


Large-Scale Cocktails at The Dawson

The Dawson serves five cocktails in various sizes, from Botija Nueva No. 2, which serves 3-5 and has brandy, Grand Marnier and pomegranate for $48. The largest one, Octopus' Garden, serves 6-12 and is made with rum, cognac, strawberry, grapefruit and other ingredients, and costs $200.

River West/West Town

Punches at Frontier's

Frontier offers three punches that serve up to six people, like the Raspberry Gin Buck, with gin, raspberry-basil syrup, lime and ginger beer. The punches are $55 each.

River West/West Town

Community Cocktails at the Jimmy

The Jimmy's summer cocktail list includes three pitcher drinks that serve 8 and cost $65. The bourbon tea is sweet with a bite, the Hemingway daiquiri is tart and sour and the Pimm's cup is refreshing with ginger beer and gin.

River North

Drinks to Share at Lost Lake

Lost Lake has four large cocktails to share with others. The cocktails range from $25 to $45 and include Wave of Mutilation/A Fish Tank Needs Sharks, with dark rum and cinnamon, and the Lima Lima Scorpion Bowl with gin and passionfruit.


Cocktail Pitchers at Nico Osteria

Nico serves three different cocktails in pitchers—a traditional Bloody Mary, Wake Up and Gin with canteloupe-orange juice and prosecco and the Sandia Fix with tequila, lime cordial and watermelon bitters. They're $55 a pitcher and serve 4-6.

Gold Coast
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