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4 matcha drinks to try right now

Written by
Betsy Kennedy

Whether you’re a card-carrying matcha veteran who can't get enough of that floral grassiness, or you’re just in it for the Instagram likes, Chicago knows a thing or two about what to do with those stone-ground green tea leaves. Hunt down these yummy green drinks and hop aboard the trend train, because we’re going to Matcha Town.

Cinnamon Maple Matcha at Beatrix: Meet pumpkin spice’s cool older sister. The drink's mild cinnamon flavor is warm and just spicy enough. Maple takes a backseat to the matcha itself—a happy little surprise of not-too-sweet sweetness only present enough to make you really want that next sip. You’ll forget all about your silly little pumpkin spice and want a refill. On that inevitable yet strange 85-degree October day, try the Matcha Iced Latte, which tastes like you’re slurping up melted green tea ice cream in the best way.

Military Latte at Sawada Coffee: The most Instagrammable drink of the bunch might also be the most palatable for you matcha trend skeptics. The Military is earthy and milky like a traditional espresso latte with a distinctive and sweet matcha taste. Pair it with a donut and an early morning West Loop stroll, and you’ve got yourself a good morning.

Sweet Matcha Lemonade at Goddess and the Baker: Lemonade isn’t just for August anymore. The earthiness of the matcha flavor grounds its tart lemony kick. A regular suggested I ask for extra matcha in mine—a good decision, as without it the drink would be too sweet. Sip this one for a puckery little after-lunch pick-me-up. 

Flowing Konomi at Billy Sunday: Ahh, yes. Another dangerously delicious Billy Sunday concoction. Every time matcha tea meets tequila an angel gets his wings, and after a few of these boozers, you will too. Order this for a drinkable cocktail that also says you’re the on-trend, forward-thinking, adventurous kind of drinker we Chicagoans pride ourselves on being.

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