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The 6 best things you should eat and drink at Lollapalooza this weekend

The 6 best things you should eat and drink at Lollapalooza this weekend
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

And we're off to the races! The 25th year of Lollapalooza started a bit late this morning due to a rain delay, but after that, the summer's most anticipated music festival was business as usual. It's set to be a hot and rainy weekend, so we scoured the fest's Chow Town and Mix'd Up! Craft Cocktail Bar to find the best things for you to eat and drink there this weekend.

1. Paletas from La Mexicana, $3: The first thing on our to-do list was to find a cheap, delicious snack to help us through the weekend. Extra points if it was cold. Ice cream can be heavy, but these paletas were just what we needed. They're only $3 each, and the lemon lime one is perfectly citrusy and just sweet enough to get us through a long set.

2. Bao to the Pork at Pork and Mindy's, $8: Next, we were seeking some real sustenance. Something we could eat for a meal and not feel disgusting afterward, but still full. Enter the Bao to the Pork. The sandwich has tender pork shoulder with pickled daikon, carrot and cucumber with a bit of jalapeño relish. It's nice and refreshing, with Asian plum sauce and a tender bao bun. We're sold.

3. Cocktails from Mix'd Up Cocktail Bar, $13: We were also on a mission to find great alcohol (aren't we always?)—and we knew we'd find something delicious at this new cocktail bar lounge area. You'll find plenty of choices when you roll up to this relaxed oasis in the insanity of Lolla, and we had quite a few favorites, including the Tito's Handmade Vodka and Cucumber Mint Lemonade with vodka, cucumber cordial, lemon juice and Rare Tea Cellar's Green Dream Mint Iced Tea. Anything with Rare Tea Cellar's teas is a no-brainer, and as summery as this cocktail was, we said, "Don't mind if we do." We also loved the Hendrick's Cucumber Basil Smash—with Hendrick's gin, cucumber cordial and fresh lemon juice. It's light, herbaceous and refreshing. Whiskey lovers should grab the Jack Daniel's Peach and Honey Punch—with whiskey, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, peach syrup, lemon juice and Rare Tea Cellar's Black Citron Iced Tea. It's peachy and summery with the tiniest hint of a whiskey bite.

4. Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar, $6: The New York favorite made its way to Chicago with Christina Tosi's Crack Pie and Compost Cookie just for Lolla. We snagged the Crack Pie, and it's delicious. It's filled with sugar and butter—and why the hell not? So, maybe it isn't the most practical snack at a music festival, but sometimes you just need something that is truly addictive. This definitely hit the spot.

5. Drumsticks from Harold's Chicken, $8: You can get three wings or two drumsticks for $8 (the clear answer here is drumsticks), and they're covered in just the right amount of hot sauce and crunchy skin and juicy chicken. They may not be particularly large or substantial, but man, are they good.


6. Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich from Kamehachi, $9: Kamehachi brought a few kinds of sushi out for its Lollapalooza debut, but there's also a substantial handheld on its menu: the chicken teriyaki sandwich. The sauce is nice and tangy and the chicken is well cooked with a slightly sweet teriyaki glaze. But the real star is the chewy pretzel bun.





Photographs by Jaclyn Rivas