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The most gorgeous latte art in Chicago

C.C. Ferns Coffee
Photograph: Kari Skaflen C.C. Ferns Coffee

Chicago has a lot of great coffee shops, which is likely why you encounter many folks taking photos of their coffee. Some of the frequently Instagrammed cups of joe feature latte art—the decorative steamed milk designs that sometimes accompany your favorite caffeinated beverage. Not only do you literally consume these unique works of art (beat that, Picasso), but they are typically prepared by a friendly neighborhood barista at one of the city's amazing local coffee shops. To commemorate these café Claude Monets, we compiled some of the best works of latte art created right here in Chicago.

The Wormhole Coffee


C.C. Ferns Coffee


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Intelligentsia Coffee


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Gaslight Coffee Roasters


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Bridgeport Coffee House


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Metropolis Coffee Company


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The Coffee Studio


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Jackalope Coffee & Tea House


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Ipsento Coffee


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