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We want to know all about your life in Chicago

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Time Out Chicago editors

We think living in Chicago is pretty great, with all the beautiful attractions and delicious restaurants—but we also know it comes with some challenges (hello, CTA delays). Every city has its trade-offs, right? We want to know more about how you strike the balance, and that’s why we at Time Out are launching a global investigation to learn more about what real life is like in the world’s best cities.

From Madrid to Melbourne—and even Malibu—we want to know what kind of relationship you have with your city, so we’re asking you to participate in our City Index survey

The survey should take less than 10 minutes and covers culture and nightlife, dining, dating, friends and work. Some of the questions are a little personal (hey, we said it was about real life) but the data will be totally anonymous and you won’t be identified in any way. Once we gather responses, we will be crunching the numbers to bring you some cool insights about Chicago and other cities around the world.

What city has the best street food? Which is best for partying all night? Where are the workaholics burning the midnight oil? Complete the survey and we’ll find out!

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