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Two cans of beer next to popcorn and a bowl of caramel.
Photography: Courtesy of Revolution Brewing

Garrett Popcorn and Revolution Brewing have produced a caramel beer

The classic CaramelCrisp flavor is now drinkable.

Jeffy Mai
Written by
Jeffy Mai

One of Chicago’s most famous snacks is being immortalized in beer form.

Garrett Popcorn, the company behind the popped kernels enjoyed by both locals and tourists, has collaborated with Revolution Brewing to produce a CaramelCrisp-flavored ale. Four-packs have already begun hitting store shelves in the city and a statewide release is expected by October 1.

The Chicago Tribune details the trial-and-error process of how the beer came to be. Instead of adding caramel or different types of popcorn while brewing, Revolution kept it simple by only using Garrett’s CaramelCrisp and a dose of brown sugar. At the very end, a dash of kosher salt helps further emulate the subtle taste of popcorn  All in all, 450 pounds of caramel popcorn and 1,200 pounds of sugar were needed to make the limited edition brew.

The end result is a beer that the Tribune describes as “surprisingly dry and nuanced, rich with caramel essence and overtones, but only modest caramel-like sweetness.” And rather than being a substitute for the popcorn, it’s meant to serve as a complement. 

The novelty of the product even extends to the packaging–the 16-ounce cans have the same design as a tin of Garrett Popcorn. It’s not the first time the company has worked with a brewery to produce a beer, either. Last year, Hop Butcher created an imperial chocolate stout with the oil used in Frango mints, a brand owned by Garrett.

Hopheads and popcorn lovers have a few months to pick up a pack at a nearby Jewel-Osco or Binny’s but don’t slack. Like a bag of Garrett Popcorn, it figures to go quickly.

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