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Here are the Chicago grocery stores offering dedicated hours for seniors

Zach Long
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Zach Long

Even at a time when we're all trying to practice social-distancing to limit the spread of coronavirus, it's inevitable that you're going to have to make a grocery run at some point in the near future, no matter how many cans of beans you've stockpiled. While it's relatively safe for the young and healthy to make a trip to the nearest market (don't forget your hand sanitizer), stocking up on food can pose risks to seniors and the immunocompromised. That's why many national and local grocery stores have implemented dedicated hours for customers ages 60 and older as well as anyone with underlying health concerns. Take a look at a list of Chicago grocery stores offering senior hours below—and don't forget that grocery delivery services might also be a way to get the food you need.


All Jewel-Osco stores are offering priority shopping for seniors on Tuesdays and Thursday from 7 to 9am.


All Mariano's stores are offering daily senior hours (which are also open to anyone with underlying health concerns) from 6 to 8am until further notice.

Whole Foods Market

Customers who are 60 years or older can shop at all Whole Foods stores an hour before they open to the public. So, if your local Whole Foods opens at 9am, seniors can show up to shop at 8am.

Pete's Market

All Pete's Market locations are allowing elderly and disabled customers to shop between 7 and 8am Monday through Friday.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

For customers over the age of 60 and anyone with a compromised immune system, Fresh Thyme will offer priority shopping from 6 to 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Tony's Fresh Market

Beginning on March 24, Tony's Fresh Market locations will offer priority shopping for seniors on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9am.

Dill Pickle Food Co-op

Seniors, immunocompromised folks and pregnant parents are being offered priority shopping at this Logan Square co-op daily from 8 to 9am.


The first hour that every Target store is open on Wednesday is being reserved for shoppers ages 65 and older.


From March 24 through April 28, customers ages 66 and older will be able to shop an hour before stores open every Tuesday.

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