Rooftops guide | Wrigley Field

Spectacular views, open bars, stadium seating and line-free restrooms? Just a few of the reasons that fans and high rollers pony up for rooftop seating for Cubs games.
 (Photograph: Julia Shell Public Relations)
Photograph: Julia Shell Public RelationsView from 1032 W. Waveland Ave
Deb Stromquist)
Photograph: Deb StromquistSkybox On Sheffield Baseball Club entrance
 (Photograph: Chris Ricci)
Photograph: Chris RicciWaveland stadium seating rooftops overlook left field.
 (Photograph: Blast Marketing)
Photograph: Blast MarketingLakeview Baseball Club entrance
 (Photograph: Maggie Wolff)
Photograph: Maggie WolffCubbie fans "perched" along right-field rooftops on N. Sheffield.
 (Photograph: Blast Marketing)
Photograph: Blast MarketingLakeview Baseball Club's antique bar
 (Photograph: Jason Cales)
Photograph: Jason CalesN. Sheffield rooftops behind right-field.
 (Photograph: Kathy Nobles)
Photograph: Kathy NoblesRooftop seating on N. Sheffield, directly behind the bleachers in right field.
 (Photograph: Julia Shell Public Relations)
Photograph: Julia Shell Public RelationsInterior view of 3609 N. Sheffield clubhouse
 (Photograph: Julia Shell Public Relations)
Photograph: Julia Shell Public RelationsView from 3643 N. Sheffield
By Shawn Flemming |

Add plasma TVs, covered seating areas, sky decks and umbrellaed tables, and it's little wonder baseball fans gravitate toward the rooftops along Sheffield and Waveland.

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3639 Wrigley Rooftop, 3639 N Sheffield Ave, 312-382-9100
Bleachers, risers and stadium seating offer different rooftop options for individualities and groups. Ticket prices include a catered menu and drinks. Access to seating begins one hour before gametime and closes 30 minutes after the last inning. Month, day, time and team lineup all affect ticket pricing. Online ticketing is available.

Beyond the Ivy Rooftops, 1010 W Waveland Ave, 1038 W Waveland Ave & 1048 W Waveland Ave, 847-825-8800
Three rooftops, three different atmospheres for baseball fans from classic baseball memorabilia (1048 W Waveland) to clubby ubermodern designs (1038 W Waveland) to over-the-top, oversized decor and seating (1010 W Waveland). Door opens 30 minutes before the first inning and closes 30 minutes after game's end. Smoking is prohibited. Ticket availability and pricing available online.

Brixen Ivy Rooftop, 1044 W Waveland Ave, 773-472-7889
Located behind left field, the Brixen Ivy rooftop offers stadium seating, private decks and bars, and reserved parking spaces for guests. Twenty-five percent of its profits are donated to local after-school programs, educational scholarships and troop support groups. Ticket price includes food and drinks and even desserts during the fifth inning. Online tickets available on the Brixen Ivy Event Schedule site.

Chicago Rooftop by the Firehouse1050 W Waveland Ave, 773-362-1050
As its name suggests, this rooftop is located just east of the firehouse and behind left field. Ticket price includes food and an all-inclusive bar. Enjoy views from the rooftop's sky deck or outdoor stadium seating. Group tickets available for parties of 10–200. Individual ticket prices average $80+ April–May; $125+ June; $145+ July–August and $125+ September. Click here for group ticketing.

Lakeview Baseball Club, 3633 N Sheffield Ave, 773-935-1880
Established in 1988, the Lakeview Baseball Club was one of the first to offer rooftop views of home games. Today the three-level building offers bleacher seating on two levels for up to 200 fans, two open bars, catered food menus and third-floor air conditioned Club Room. Unlike other Wrigleyville baseball clubs, Lakeview Baseball Club is private, open only to members. Smoking is allowed on all levels. Reservations are now available for six-game packages themed for super fans, families of fans, weekend warriors or corporate outings, all starting at $85 per game. Requests can be e-mailed to

Sheffield Baseball Club3619 N Sheffield Ave, 773-841-5387
Located behind right field, the Sheffield Baseball Club rooftop can seat 200 game-day fans. Individual tickets and group tickets for parties up to 30 people can be purchased. Larger groups should call for reservations or e-mail the club's group sales website. Ticket prices typically range from $75 to $99 on Value Days.

Skybox on Sheffield, 3627 N Sheffield Ave, 773-935-3627
Newly renovated in 2010, Skybox on Sheffield offers three tiers of rooftop seating, 20+ rooftop plasma TVs, three-course catered menus, and four levels of private entertaining space. Ticket prices vary but will run you $75–$225. Seating is not assigned but rather on a first-come, first-claim basis.

Wrigley Field Ivy League Baseball Club, 3637 N Sheffield Ave, 773-842-5387
The newest rooftop sports club on the block, the Ivy League offers five levels of entertaining space including cushioned stadium seating on its rooftop. Individual ticket prices are $75–$200+ and depend on when the game is scheduled. Check out Value Day for lower-priced tickets. Expect to spend $125–$175 for gotta-have tickets in May, $150–$300 in June–July, $99–$225 in August and $99–$200 for September games. Group sales for parties of more than 30 people can be found at the Ivy League Group Sales website.

Wrigley Field Rooftop Club3617 N Sheffield Ave, 773-841-5070
The Wrigley Field Rooftop can seat up to 200 people. The club features three levels of entertaining space with an onsite kitchen. This rooftop gives fans a home-plate view of the game. Individual tickets and group tickets for parties up to 30 people can be purchased online. Larger groups can call or visit the club’s group sales website. Value days prices range from $75–$99. Expect to spend $125–$175 for gotta-have tickets in May, $150–$300 in June–July, $99–$225 in August and $99–$200 in September.

Wrigleyvile Rooftops1032 W Waveland Ave, 3609 N Sheffield Ave, 3643 N Sheffield Ave, 773-248-ROOF
Three locations to choose from; ticket prices range from $75 to $250 and depend on the month and day. April, May and September tickets average $75–$150; June and July tickets $100–$250; and August seating will cost you $125–$185. Food menus feature choices from [node:148043 link=Vines on Clark;]. Ask about their vegetarian and fish options. Groups of 20 or fewer can purchase tickets online while larger groups need to call or e-mail reservations.