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The most amazing treehouse Airbnbs near Chicago

Live out your childhood dreams when you stay in one of these treehouses near Chicago

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Ever dream about getting away from city life for a bit? No Wi-Fi, no traffic – just you, the chirping birds, and a roaring log fire. Sounds like heaven, right? We're with you. The answer? Adult treehouses.

There are a ton of incredible treehouse Airbnbs near 
Chicago capable of making you forget all about your troubles at home. So pack those hiking boots, get in your car, choose one of these unique spots and enjoy a weekend of fresh air, panoramic views, and the joys of the great outdoors.  

Updated April 2024: Check out our two new additions: a rustic lakeside retreat and luxe enclave with a hot tub on the balcony. 

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on top reviews, hosts, and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Treehouse Airbnbs near Chicago

1. The enchanted garden treehouse in Schaumburg, IL

Tucked away in Schaumburg, this treehouse is what your childhood dreams are made of. Bright orange wood and gorgeous green shutters make it a perfect little oasis, looking out over the spectacular wooded garden below. Oh, and there’s a hot tub, in case you needed any more convincing. This is the real deal - if the weather takes a turn, let’s just say you’ll know. We like to call it ‘authentic’. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps four guests.
Mood? Camper's retreat.
Location perks? Surrounding treetops make this place feel like you're living out your Tarzan fantasy.
Budget range? On the pricier side of treehouses.

2. The treehouse getaway in Racine, WI

Who knew you could get treehouses like this? The gorgeous treehouse Airbnb near Chicago is situated in a quiet and leafy neighborhood in Racine, Wisconsin. The Airbnb sleeps up to five guests, making it a wholesome place to stay with your best pals and reconnect with your inner child while giving you all the adult luxuries you need. Marvel at the uninterrupted views of the forest and creek, and breathe in the fresh air. Ahhh, you won't get that in the heart of the city. While the exterior is rustic and with a country charm, the interior is pure comfort and luxury. There's a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, lounge area, plus modern amenities like Wi-Fi, a/c, and a TV. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps five guests.
Mood? Immerse yourself in nature.
Location perks? This is a romantic dream of a getaway – with modern amenities and stunning views included.
Budget range? Very affordable for what's on offer.


3. The spring lake chateau in Potosi, MO

Looking for sweet, sweet lakeside memories? Check out this awesome Airbnb chateau in Potosi, Missouri. With two bedrooms sleeping up to five guests – and one bathroom – this gorgeous treehouse has all you need for an uber-rustic getaway. Nestled in the heart of the trees overlooking Sayersbrook Lake, enjoy stunning views from the 15x10 wooden deck. Our two cents? Set yourself up with your cooler in time for sunset, sit back in the hammock and take in the stunning surroundings.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps five guests.
Mood? Boujie lakehouse.
Location perks? You couldn't beat the views here if you tried. Think lake, forest and stunning sunsets. Bliss.
Budget range? Fairly pricey but worth it.

4. The off-the-grid treehouse in Germantown, KY

This treehouse is really something. And the secret got out quick – this treehouse was featured on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters for being so goddamn spectacular, so you can tell all your friends you stayed at a famous treehouse. You walk a ramp to get into it, and it features a wood burner, oversized loft and a king-size bed big enough for the whole family.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps five guests.
Mood? Off-the-grid paradise. 
Location perks? The perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in your surroundings and appreciate the untouched nature all-round.
Budget range? A steal for the offering. 


5. The outpost treehouse in East Leroy, MI

Inspired by a forest ranger's lookout, this treehouse-style property is located in a white pine forest on a 65-acre working farm. The one-bed, one-bath space sets itself apart with 15 custom windows and a wrap-around porch that allow for panoramic views of wildlife, including deer, turkeys and owls. The host provides a light continental breakfast (pastries and coffee), and WiFi is available should you need to plug in.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests.
Mood? Simple living.
Location perks? The forest surrounds you and there are plenty of great walking routes to explore across the 65-acre farm.
Budget range? Super budget-friendly – especially between friends.

6. The tree loft at BaseCamp in Perryville, MO

After a long weekend away in this luxury treehouse, you might just find yourself wishing you could move in. Designed with romantic getaways in mind, this one-bedroom home is tucked into a 12-acre farm surrounded by towering trees. From the king-size bed, you'll be able to stargaze through the skylight and watch the sunset through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Unwind in the soaking tub or take things outside to the hot tub that's surrounded by red cedar trees. It's worth noting that this property comes outfitted with a ramp, making it accessible for all.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests.
Mood? Rustic with a modern twist.
Location perks? A luxury treehouse in the heart of BaseCamp – what's more to love? Let the adventure begin.
Budget range? Higher-end but worth every cent.


7. The box in Dundee, OH

Like its name hints, The Box is an old shipping container that's been converted into a modern and minimalist retreat that juts out into the wilderness. At the end of the living area, there are three massive windows that perfectly frame the surrounding nature, no matter the season. By day, there's nearby Beach City Wilderness Area to explore, and by sunset, guests can soak up the views from the home's porch, which is equipped with a fire pit.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps four guests.
Mood? Container convert.
Location perks? You're so high up in the treetops, it's easy to forget there's a whole world out there. Enjoy the peace for a little while.
Budget range? Well-priced and very well designed.

8. The Aliyah treehouse in Germantown, KY

The kids will get a kick out of this whimsical treehouse that looks like it's been plucked straight out of the pages of a storybook. The sky-high home's defining feature is a swinging bridge that connects the main cabin to a smaller cabin with bunk beds. There's also a decades-old tree that cuts right through the middle of the room, upping the charm tenfold. A fully stocked kitchenette and a private detached bathhouse allow you to hole up for your entire stay.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps six guests.
Mood? Fun for all the family.
Location perks? You can literally swing from one cabin to the next, among the trees. What could (tree)top this?
Budget range? An affordable family vacation.


9. The Tullihas in the Trees in Frazeysburg, OH

Ready to rough it in style? This treehouse doesn't have electricity, running water, or cell service, making it an ideal destination for couples and solo travelers who want to get off the grid. The interior is thoughtfully designed with a lofted bed accessible by a ladder, stylish rugs, and dreamy furniture. And since it's situated on a 230-acre farm, the home has plenty of ground to hike and explore.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps five guests.
Mood? Off-grid getaway.
Location perks? A whole lotta peace and quiet – for all the family to enjoy at their own leisure across the valley.
Budget range? Suuuuper affordable.

10. The charming lakeside treehouse in Jones, MI

Get the authentic treehouse experience, offering all the fun of camping with all the comforts of living inside a solid structure. The interiors are kept simple so that the landscape remains the star of the show. Look out over your temporary forest kingdom from the elevated deck and make the most of the available kayaks, pontoon boat and canoe.  

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests. 
Mood? Family bonding by the lake (although not appropriate for young children). 
Location perks? Access to 10 miles of hiking trails, strong WiFi service and a south facing deck overlooking the fishing lake. 
Budget range? Likely to be within your means. 


11. The treehouse with a hot tub in Potosi, MO

No need to brush up on your survival skills before making this treehouse your home for the weekend; the property contains all the comforts you're used to, so much so that you'll only realise you're in the middle of nowhere if you leave or look out the window. It's a great option for a couple looking for some alone time, and the hot tub is always on hand to make the day (or night) even more romantic. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
Mood? Lavish living among the trees. 
Location perks? Close to Sayersbrook lake on Spring Lake Ranch.
Budget range? Worth the extra cost for the hot tub. 

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