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Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhood guide

Explore the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods with our guide to the best restaurants, bars and things to do in Chicago's original hub of hip

Photograph: Kaitlin Hetterscheidt
Get down every July at the annual Wicker Park Fest.

Ah, Wicker Park. That's where they shot High Fidelity. And there was that Wicker Park movie with Josh Hartnett. Wait, who's Josh Hartnett again? Point is, that was years ago. Over the last decade, the enclave of Wicker Park and Bucktown, centered around the six corners of Milwaukee, North and Damen Avenues, has gone from being the first "Brooklyn" of Chicago to being the new Lincoln Park. Gentrification has transformed Wicker Park. Now there might be more pet stores and gyms than dive bars. While the cool has migrated a bit northwest to Logan Square, Wicker Park and Bucktown remain a vibrant hub of culture and commerce in Chicago, riddled with boutiques, restaurants, cocktail bars, concerts venues and condos. Here's the best of the neighborhood.

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Best restaurants in Wicker Park and Bucktown

Xoco, tacos, pizza and more

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Best bars in Wicker Park and Bucktown

From dancing at Danny's to dives to cocktail lounges

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Cheap eats in Wicker Park and Bucktown

Dig into the fancy taco epicenter of the city…for less

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Best shops in Wicker Park and Bucktown

Shoes, clothes, toys, books and more shoes

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Things to do

Top attractions in Wicker Park and Bucktown

"The Crotch" is a lot lovelier than it sounds.

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Things to do

Wicker Park and Bucktown residents' picks

Find out the favorite spots of Aldermen, restauranteurs and more

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