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5 funky fresh Tel Aviv restaurants that know how to party

Enjoy these eats and beats all at the same time

© Ariel Efron

After a long, tiring work week, the task of choosing which Tel Aviv restaurant to hit up on top of which Thursday night club for 'dessert' can be more exhausting than staying home with take out and Netflix. Time Out's here to reduce your scheduling stresses by merging the best eats in the White City with the best beats in the White City. It’s not just bars that are having all the fun. Here are the top Tel Aviv restaurants that know how to keep the party vibe alive at all hours of the night.

5 Tel Aviv restaurants serving up eats and beats



If you like staying up until sunrise, good music, unique cocktails and tantalizing food, Yavne is the spot for you. The creators are the same brains behind Hostel 51, Alphabet and Alma, meaning they know the business of Tel Aviv nightlife and understand what Tel Avivians want. Eclectic and funky, Yavne has a bar space as well as an indoor and outdoor seating area and dance floor. With creative fares such as the Yavne cocktail, fish on a stick served with homemade lafah, sheep yogurt and greens, it is a great spot for dinner or a late-night snack fix. Every night features live music and DJs, making Yavne one of the hottest spots to be in Tel Aviv.

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White City


This once-carnivorous Georgian restaurant/bar was wildly-popular from the get-go. Best known for late nights-turned-early-mornings with Tel Aviv's party set, the rowdy bar is often a stage for late-night partiers and their liquor-infused dance moves. When owner Nana Schreier decided she was done with meat and ready to turn this well-loved spot to a vegan one, this place continued to thrive. Enjoy new-to-you flavors and fresh-from-the-oven Georgian pastries and breads, as well as chinkalis, Georgian dumplings and stuffed vegetables.

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White City


Chef Eyal Shani, the celebrity chef behind HaSalon (“the living room”) has his own straightforward style, one that has shaped contemporary Israeli cuisine. Here, you’ll find the best vegetables and raw materials coming together in a slick, but hip manner.  This comes as no surprise as Shani’s reputation has come to include a persona as the King of the cauliflower with his locally-loved Miznon. Besides Miznon, Romano and the extremely hip Port Said, HaSalon is this chef’s playground. It’s only open a couple of nights a week so be sure to plan ahead for this unique dining experience. Come for late night or a dinner with friends and see how every ingredient stands out on its own, then taste exquisite local dishes from a menu that changes daily. Of course Shani keeps some favourites consistent, but each seating is a new adventure. Simply put, HaSalon is the number one place to experience local cuisine at its best.  

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Kab Kem

Talk to anyone who has lived in Tel Aviv for long enough to know where to eat and the Thai House will inevitably come up as the place to go for authentic, delicious Thai dishes. With little to no competition, the place is perpetually packed and reservations are actually a must. And now, after two decades of anticipation, the owner has finally branched out and opened another venture called Kab Kem, featuring drinks and Thai bites. However, "bites" implies something small, but what we are talking about here is a one-two punch packed with flavor and then some. Expect intense salty, sour and ever-so-spicy mouthfuls - with dishes covering the gamut from land and sea. And with such spice comes the need to keep a steady pace, taking the eating and drinking in measured stride - almost forcing patrons to enjoy every last bit, and every last sip. With menu fixtures ranging from noodle dishes bursting with crystal shrimp and grilled scallops steaming straight from the wok to a host of exotic Thai cocktails - taking your time is all part of the exceptional experience.      

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White City

Beit Romano

This is the go-to bar for the cool and beautiful hipster crowd of Tel Aviv’s preeminent hipster kingdom. DJs play sets fusing funk and reggae, electro and hip-hop – and never tire until the early hours of the morning. With plenty of beer on tap and a real groovy crowd, this is a must-visit if you have even an ounce of bohemian blood bubbling inside of you.

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