Postcards from Rosa

Postcards from Rosa

Living through others may seem like a recipe for disaster, but for Bibik Rosa, tales of Big Ben, Niagara Falls, the Great Wall of China and other parts of the world from her darling grandson Benny are highlights worth looking forward to. Over the course of their lengthy postcard exchanges, Rosa muses about her glory days to Benny, who in turn keeps his Peranakan grandmother informed about what lies ahead. When the postcards from Benny abruptly dry up, Rosa leaves her Armenian Street, Penang home behind and embarks on an extraordinary journey, in an effort to share a few more memories with Benny.

This localised production of ‘Postcards from Rosa’, which is penned by celebrated Singaporean playwright Desmond Sim, makes its Malaysian debut at KLPac this month. Marina Tan takes on the leading role of Bibik Rosa, who was played in the original by Neo Swee Lin of ‘Phua Chu Kang’ and ‘Nadirah’ fame, in this Christopher Ling-directed one-woman show, which promises to be a collection of laughter, poignancy and revelations. Wong Boon Ken

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