Workshops of Taste: Culinary Capers

Workshops of Taste: Culinary Capers

In conjunction with The Week of Taste, Culinary Capers has designed two special classes:

Exciting Culinary Escapades, Oct 16
The folks at  Culinary Capers will teach you how to pair some of their famous healthy dips. Dips include edamame pesto, spinach and tomato concasse.

Cooking for Health, Oct 17
Culinary Capers will show you how to make healthy dishes like roasted red pepper spread with crispy lavash bread, two salads, spicy cilantro steamed lemon sole in banana leaf and buckwheat and quino crepe with caramelised bananas in cinnamon sauce.

All utensils and ingredients will be provided. Places are limited. Confirm your attendance by phone or email.

Check The Week of Taste for a full schedule of classes.

Event phone: 012 218 6656
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