FAFF 2014: Fête de la Musique

Music, Rap, hip hop and R&B Free
Fête de la Musique

Also known as World Music Day, this annual French event will be six hours of music galore, held simultaneously at several bars along Jalan Mesui. Each venue will feature a different genre: stop by Feeka for folk, Limablas for traditional music, Lobby for rock, Pisco Bar for electro, Table 23 for pop and covers, Lust and Nagaba for R&B and No Black Tie for jazz. Leading up to the celebration are The French Art and Film Festival and a pre-programme that consists of live performances at Piazza, The Curve, HELP College of Arts and Technology and Alexis Ampang, both currently ongoing.

Event website: http://faff.com.my/
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