Twilight Actiongirl 10th Anniversary Party

Twilight Actiongirl 10th Anniversary Party

A decade is a long time for any club night anywhere around the world. KL’s indie pioneers are turning ten this year – making them the longest running club night in Malaysia (perhaps of all genres). Really, KL’s dance scene has these guys to thank for. Twilight Actiongirl (fondly known as TAG) single-handedly brought a different dimension to the scene which later saw a new breed of its kind; Deer Society is a good example.

To commemorate the milestone, the guys are throwing the biggest TAG party ever, with a cheeky title ‘The TAG Took My Baby Away (10 Tahun: Rakan Joget Anda)’. And this time they’re moving from Barsonic to Zouk’s main room, which means there are more rooms for you to dance and drink jugs of Long Island iced tea. Happy Birthday TAG! Here's to many more birthdays. Ian Loh

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