Another Country

Another Country

In conjunction with Singapore’s 50th year of independence (and separation from us), theatre makers from both sides of the Causeway have come together to explore our shared history by staging a play based on a collection of the finest texts from both lands, curated by famed playwrights Alfian Sa’at and Leow Puay Tin, to be performed in both KL and Singapore this month. W!LD RICE’s ‘Another Country’ features a multi-talented cast that includes Malaysia’s Ghafir Akbar, Iedil Putra and Sharifah Amani, along with Singapore’s Lim Yu- Beng and Siti Khalijah Zainal in this incarnation of the previous hit ‘Second Link’.

To learn more about the play, read our interview with directors Jo Kukathas and Ivan Heng

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