DiverseCity: Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo x Kelantanese Shadow Play

Theatre, Puppetry
Diversecity: Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo x Kelantanese Shadow Play

Honoured as a national folklore heritage in Japan, the 400-year-old Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo is a traditional Japanese puppetry theatre performance. ‘Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo’ translates to ‘puppets controlled on strings’, which allow for fine, expressive movements such as flipping open a paper fan and taking delicate steps. After successful appearances in Tokyo and KL, this fascinating joint performance between Edo Ito Ayatsuri Ningyo and Kelantanese wayang kulit will be presented in DiverseCity. Catch the tale of ‘Dua Hikayat Seri Rama’, a love story about Raden Lakjuna and the Princess of Japan. Roslan Harun heads the shadow play team, Shiokawa Kyoko as the Edo marionette puppeteer and Nakamura Toshiko on the shamisen (a traditional Japanese instrument).

Event website: http://diversecity.my/
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