Opera Puteri Saadong

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Opera Puteri Saadong
Syafinaz Selamat

The legend of Puteri Saadong is known for many things, one of which includes killing her true love with a hairpin. Experience the Kelantanese legend’s journey in this original opera which combines traditional Malay cultural elements with contemporary visuals for a unique multimedia musical experience. Composed and directed by Malaysian contemporary art-music composer Dr Tazul Tajuddin, the performance also combines the makyong dance with gamelan music and a western choir and orchestra. 'Opera Puteri Saadong' stars Syafinaz Selamat as the titular character with narration by Dato’ Ahmad Tamimi Siregar.

Event phone: 03 4047 9000
Event website: http://www.klpac.org/?p=14130