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Lisbon nightlife: 10 spots for a night you won’t forget

Get to know the best spots of the Lisbon nightlife, we promise you a night to remember, or not.

By Time Out Lisbon editors

It’s no secret that the Portuguese love to party, and the Lisbon nightlife reflects that like a mirror: chill, crazy or just really loud, there is something for all the night crawlers out there. From amazing rooftops to closed door bars, from fancy cocktails to beers from all over the world, all the must-knows are here. 

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Lisbon nightlife: 10 spots for a night you won’t forget


Lux Frágil

5 out of 5 stars
Nightlife São Vicente 

Lux-Frágil is one of the coolest places in town. It’s one of the most requested clubs and yet it remains unpretentious and laid-back. With several dance floors and one of the most incredible rooftop views in Lisbon, Lux offers a privileged view over the Tagus river. The musical selection changes from floor to floor. You will be able to cruise through electronic vibes, minimal moves and techno lights. There is the chance that you might dance to the sound of some of the most famous DJs in the world since there is a constant presence of renowned artists at the booth.

© Ana Luzia


3 out of 5 stars
Nightlife Chiado/Cais do Sodré

Don’t judge a bar by its size. This small nightclub is almost thirty and the music vibe is contagious. It’s a well known alternative stop for indie music lovers but the music goes well beyond that – synthpop, new wave and post-punk music often fuel the crowd. You can find the dance floor on the lower level, where all the dance lovers are at. It might be crowded but that's also part of the experience.



Nightlife Alcântara

Imagine yourself dancing in a forest. Are you there yet? Well, there is no need to fantasize about it anymore, we know just the place: Bosq. There are plants climbing the walls, paintings of dancing animals and an incredible vibe. This nightclub opened in 2015 and offers a diversified musical selection throughout the dance floors. There is something for every night-bird.

K Urban Beach

Nightlife Clubs Santos

If you are on the mood for some house music, this is the spot. With several dancefloors, Urban Beach offers a diversified commercial musical selection, as well as one of the best views over the Tagus River. There are also some restaurants at this club, where you can dine before you get your dancing shoes on.

Casa Independente
© Ana Luzia

Casa Independente

5 out of 5 stars
Nightlife Intendente

Have you ever heard of charming decadence? It is what makes this such a popular place to go out at night. Filled with antiques, this mansion is divided into several rooms: a dance floor, chill out areas, a dinning spot and even a rooftop. There is nothing quite like it. Casa Independente is a popular place for concerts and workshops. We are sure you will find yourself engaged in good conversations and drinking great cocktails.

Old Vic

Bars and pubs Campo Grande/Entrecampos/Alvalade

There is no open door at this bar. To get in you must ring the doorbell. After that you will travel through time: velvet sofas, dark wooded tables and dimmed lights will make you feel like you have just been transported to another time. The name might sound familiar to you: they borrowed it from a renowned London theatre. There are so many cocktails you will have trouble deciding but there are also snacks such as foie gras and pickle sandwiches.

Concerto no Damas
Fotografia: Ana Luzia


Nightlife Late-night bars São Vicente 

Have you ever thought about dancing in an old cafeteria? Damas was founded in 2016 and it’s a place where you can dance to punk and afro-baile or just go to eat some tasty snacks such as peixinhos da horta or moelas at affordable prices. On stage you can see all sorts of performances and bands play.

Popular Alvalade

Music Alvalade

In this small bar you will be stunned by the pictures of bands that fill the walls. Popular celebrates music with rock, pop, indie and punk concerts. If you would like to prove your worth just head there on a Wednesday, it’s open mic night.

Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho


Bars and pubs Craft beer pubs Santa Maria Maior

With a selection of over 250 brands, this is the place for beer lovers. Have a seat at the tables or recline yourself on the old leather sofas and just enjoy your beer, or beers, we don’t judge. There is a tasting menu that includes 6 beers (10cl) and 6 different cheeses to go with each one.

a paródia
©Paulo Lima

A Paródia

Nightlife Coffeeshops Estrela/Lapa/Santos

It used to be a place for people to gather and conspire against the regime. After the revolution it opened to everyone. The name is filled with meaning: paródia means “party” or “amusement”. It was named as a reference to Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro’s satirical magazine. You will find his drawings all over this art deco bar. The cocktail list is long: if you can’t choose just order a ginger Margarita.

The perfect night out in town

Entrada Lux
©Luisa Ferreira

The best of Lisbon nightlife


Whether you're a rump shaker, a motormouth or a wannabe sommelier, you can't fail to find something to suit your tastes in Lisbon's rich and diverse nightlife. Suppin' on a cocktail by the River Tagus comes highly recommended, as does losing yourself on the dance floor at Lux, but they're just two unforgettable experiences you can expect to have among many others in the Portuguese capital.

© Luís Ferreira

The best Lisbon clubs


New to Lisbon, or just confused as to where you want to let your hair down? Fear not, Time Out Lisbon has spent many a late night exploring the city's party venues to put together this definitive list of the best of the best. Dance into the fire, twist and shout, shake it like a Polaroid picture and basically have a banging time at these world-class nightspots. 

Casa Independente
© Ana Luzia

The best Lisbon bars

Bars and pubs

Embarking on an intrepid mission to discover Lisbon's many offerings is thirsty work and, besides the city's wide-range of history and cultural sights, there is a long list of modern, and more traditional, bars where you can replenish any lost fluid. From Portuguese beers to contemporary cocktails, you're in for a smorgasboard of alcoholic refreshments... 


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