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The 7 most instagrammable places in Lisbon

Instagramming is now commonly used verb in the city, but choosing the best spots to photograph can be tricky. So we made you a list.

Posted: Wednesday July 18 2018

Fotografia: Francisco Santos

If you can't live without updating your Instagram feed, follow our route through the most instagrammable places in Lisbon. From museums to trendy restaurants, these are the best - and easiest - places to just go inside and *click*.

Think we missed any? Send us your suggestions to and help us choose the best places to photograph in Lisbon.

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©André Santos

Village Underground

icon-location-pin Alcântara

Eating on buses is usually frowned upon, but in this case the double-decker is the café of Village Underground Lisboa. Even better, it is perched on top of a shipping container – and serves daily specials and other dishes for the whole family. Most Sundays there is an inflatable castle near the outdoor tables for the kids to bounce around on. There is also music and various parties throughout the rest of the week.

Fotografia: Francisco Santos
Attractions, Towers and viewpoints

Panoramic of Monsanto

icon-location-pin Benfica/Monsanto

Lisbon’s latest viewpoint is almost 50 years old. In the past, it was a luxury restaurant, a bingo hall, a nightclub, an office building and a warehouse. Now, this architectural UFO designed by Chaves da Costa has been given a new lease of life – and a much more peaceful one: it is a viewpoint, which was always its second calling anyway. The 360º view of the city and great location, in Alto da Serafina Recreational Park, make this derelict building the best place to check out the sights in Monsanto. We won’t lie: it’s the best view of the whole city. Abandoned since 2001, the Panoramic received only sporadic visits from urban explorers, tourists, curious onlookers and people armed with spray paint, who went there to do what people generally do with spray paint. Since September 2017, it can be visited legally and safely.

Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho
Restaurants, Fusion

Rio Maravilha

icon-location-pin Alcântara

Almada’s Cristo Rei is far from being the main attraction at this rooftop bar that’s part of Lx Factory (a former industrial complex that’s also rather Instagrammable). The statue of Crista Rainha, a feminine and colourful version of the famous monument on the other side of the bridge, probably features on 95% of Instagram posts in the city and beyond.

Time Out says

Casa do Alentejo

icon-location-pin Santa Maria Maior

If you want to escape Baixa’s crowds, queues, slow terrace service and multitude of tourist traps, Taberna da Casa do Alentejo is the perfect spot. Located in the indoor patio of the old Alverca Palace – which deserves a visit in and of itself – this terrace may not have amazing views, but its petiscos from the Alentejo region, as well as the peace and quiet it offers, are a great compensation. Not to mention the welcoming decor that seems straight out of an Arabian nights movie, which screams Instagram. 

Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho

Pilar 7

icon-location-pin Alcântara

The 25 de Abril bridge, inaugurated in 1966, has 14 pillars, but the one we’re interested in right now is on Avenida da Índia, at the back of Village Underground. This new tourist attraction takes visitors inside this pillar for a sensory immersion, lifting them up to the level of the cars to observe the river and city from above. Needless to say, we don’t recommend it for people with a fear of heights.

©ATL/Arco da Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta Arch

icon-location-pin Baixa Pombalina

The viewing platform of Lisbon’s own Arc de Triomphe only opened to the public in 2013 – the arch built in the aftermath of the 1755 earthquake to symbolise the birth of a new city - and this is the date that marked the birth of a new photo angle from which to capture Terreiro do Paço. You will need endurance to go up the many flights of stairs leading to the viewpoint (and to the clock), but when you get up there, it’s the 360-degree view that will take your breath away. At the top of the viewpoint is a Latin inscription that reads: The virtues of the greatest.

Fotografia: Arlindo Camacho
Bars and pubs


icon-location-pin Santa Maria Maior

Did we really put a bathroom on this list full of rooftops and other wonders? Well, why not? No one goes to the toilet at Flamingo, the small and friendly Mouraria bar that stays open until 4am, without their smartphone. The psychedelic lighting could compete with the city’s best-equipped nightclubs, so you’ll definitely want to capture the moment. The cocktails and good vibes also make the trip worth it.

© Arlindo Camacho

The best viewpoints in Lisbon

Lisbon has 16 official viewpoints: all of them with amazing views over the city’s rooftops, the most important monuments, the Tejo river, its other margin, and the 25 de Abril bridge. But there are more than the ones City Hall (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa) lists as official: the others are rooftops, terraces, bars and hotels. To have Lisbon at your feet while having a drink is a nice programme, don’t you think so? So all you need to do is choose one out of the ten best viewpoints in Lisbon.

Fotografia: Inês Calado Rosa
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