Body Shop

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Body Shop
Wilhelm Lehmbruck, 'Büste des emporsteigenden jünglings', ca. 1914. Courtesy Michael Werner Gallery, New York and London

This group exhibition inlcuding works by Allen Jones, Enrico David, and new work by Peter Doig explores the depictions of the human figure in painting and sculpture. Collating diverse practices and styles from the past 100 years, the show considers how the figure has been a constant inspiration and occurring motif for artists. From works labeled degenerate to academically acceptable, the body is portrayed in all its multifarious beguiling forms.

Artists in the exhibition include Kai Althoff, Hans Arp, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Enrico David, Peter Doig, Allen Jones, Fredrick Kiesler, Henri Laurens, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Markus Lüpertz, Francis Picabia, Félix Vallotton and Don Van Vliet.

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