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Barge House

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4 out of 5 stars
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Address: 46a De Beauvoir Crescent
N1 5RY
Transport: Haggerston Overground
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4 out of 5 stars

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4 / 5

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This place is amazing. They do just one type of meal - Breakfast in Bread. It comes in once size which is pretty big! The food was delicious, the staff were hilarious and the drinks they had on offer amazing. I had an awesome IPA, but one thing that blew me away was their bloody mary. I don't usually like a bloody mary, but they had multiple flavours of their own vodka to choose from and it was the best I have ever tasted - defiantly recommend the bloody mary! See my photo below to see just how beautiful this bloody mary is! It tastes as good as it looks!

Its in a great location overlooking Regents Canal, and while we managed to get a seat quite quick (think we were just lucky or maybe a bit early) when we left there was a large queue. A place you have to try at least once! 

Bargehouse keeps the menu super simple with their “everything” in a roll menu - great for bread lovers and people who’s hangovers are cured by carbs. As soon as the loaf came out, I knew I’d be beaten by it, so come hungry. The service was helpful and friendly despite how busy they were. The freshly squeezed juices were very refreshing and healthy feeling - exactly what I needed. The Virgin Mary here was just how I like it - not too watery and that “wake-up-slap-in-the-face” spicy kick; the coffee is also good and adequately strong given the challenge of getting out of bed on a dusty Saturday morning. Guaranteed that a food coma will set in and you’ll be thankful for the stroll along the canal to walk some of it off.

Tip: make a booking if you’re a bigger group, as they do get very busy.

Good For: large groups, casual breakfast/ brunch, catch up with friends, cheap and cheerful, outdoor area

Visited The Barge House after seeing so many mouthwatering pics of their Breakfast in Bread. The location is beautiful and the food, ok but sadly that's where it stopped quite short for me. I called early in the morning and was informed by a helpful and pleasant member of staff that they didn't take reservations but was advised on a time to try when the queue wouldn't be huge.

My friend and I turned up and didn't have to queue long before we had a seat. We explained that we had a buggy but they said that was no problem, so I broke it down to wheels and seat and we even sat upstairs with my baby in tow. However, the waitress made it very clear she was unimpressed with my buggy being 'in the way' of the 'guy with big sacks and boxes coming back and forth' so I asked if we could be moved or if I could just move my son when this 'guy' wanted to get by and she agreed dismissively. I then moved the wheels out of the way and sat my son on my knee so that we would be less of a problem.

This was the beginning of an experience dripping with disdain and annoyance served continuously from our waitress. I thought my friend was going to explode she was so angry at how we were being treated throughout our meal. As we left, i mentioned to a manager in the hope something would be done about it but it certainly meant I won't be hurrying back.

The breakfast in bread is a gimmick and clearly only for those who are deemed worthy.

Had to try to this place after seeing all the postings lately. Got there early but there was already an impressive queue forming so everyone else must have had the same idea. Lovely place by the canal, perfect for a sunny day like today. I couldn't wait to try their Breakfast in Bread, which is a round loaf with the middle scooped out and filled with deliciousness. We tried The Original, Vegetarian and Hot Stuff. The crust was hard but still yummy. There seems to be a technique to eating these and we were clearly doing it wrong, but didn't care and still managed to scoff it all. The freshly squeezed Purple One juice was thirst quenching and refreshing after the long hot wait for the table.

Wheelchair access: This place is bigger than it looks from the outside, with accessible ground floor dining area and an upstairs and downstairs (non-accessible). They even had accessible toilets! But... the only downside to this place is that they were down a flight of stairs and no lift to get down (marked down one star for this). Not sure if staff had manual handling training, but with a little help, managed to get me down to use the facilities.

Also forgot to ask what they did with the middle of the bread they scooped out. If anyone finds out, let me know!!

This is a place I would really like to give 5 stars. The atmosphere was great, service was great, location amazing (right on the canal!) but the food was subpar.

We went for dinner. They switch their menu a lot, so I might have just gone on a bad week. We ordered a Salmon bruschetta type appetizer that was inedible. The steak entree I ordered was better but a bit overcooked and dry. 

Our server did notice that we did not eat the appetizer and asked for feedback for the cook (which I really appreciate and it shows a deep customer appreciation).

I see a lot of raving reviews for its breakfast, so maybe its more of a breakfast place than a dinner place! 

When you think about a traditional English breakfast, you would never expect to have it in a round loaf of French bread. Yet, this is the concept the Barge House has developed, and so successfully that it has now become one of the trendiest places for a brunch on the canal. You have to be lucky if you want to find a seat outside. But the food, very friendly staff and atmosphere are worth the wait, and the Bloody Mary is too! Portions are gargantuan, especially with all this bread, but what a better location than the canal to digest and linger?

If you want to impress your London friends; this is the place you should definitely take them to !

I love this place, I've been there multiple times and was never disappointed. The service is a bit slow but the breakfast in bread is amazing. So delicious and it never lets you down. 

I don't know which one is my favourite, I guess it depends on my mood. Highly recommended also for tourists, not so much for children because it's a bit difficult to eat and the space is usually overcrowded so there is no space for them to play. 


Err hello there, what do we have here?!? Breakfast in Bread at The Barge House is surely the best thing ever! I didn't know about it before I arrived and my eyes were out on stalks (cartoon style) when I saw these giant creations around the restaurant. In fact, these are the only things you can order at weekend brunch time so me and my friend went for the salmon with spinach and cheese and all kinds of filthy foods hiding in there. The guilty pleasure was topped off with cider. Service was slow but got there in the end! Extra points for tables next to the canal!

I walked past this canal side spot one weekend and then read about their 'breakfast in bread'. Got there at 11.30 on a sunny Saturday and got a seat right along the canal, within minutes of sitting down there was a line up for brunch. I had the 'Hot Stuff' with chorizo, hot beans, red peppers, chilli mushrooms, spinach, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese. It was kinda of hard to eat, you really have to get your knife in there it was nice but a lot of bread so I left half the bread. It was super busy but we were attended to quite quickly from start to finish. Overall experience was good as was the coffee.

I’d wandered past this place before and perved on the luscious looking bread bowls the patrons were enjoying and knew I had to try them as soon as I could. So, when I was walking past it again and spotted some (read, one) free spot canal side, I knew I had to duck in. The welcome was super warm by the staff and I had a coffee in hand five minutes later. As I was a ‘breakfast in bed virgin’ I decided to go with ‘The Original’ option which had sausage, bacon, roast tomato, leeks, mushrooms and spinach topped with cheese and a fried egg. The place started to fill up soon after I arrived, which may have explained the half an hour/four chapters of my book wait but when the meal arrived, it looked pretty spesh (as you can see). Like other reviewers, I could see why the steak knife was necessary. I was sawing into this thing so much I almost wanted to put my knee up on the chair just like my dad taught me when you were cutting into wood. Once I got in amongst the food, I have to say… it was nice, but I wasn’t wowed. The flavours weren’t popping out at me and I didn’t feel the need to deeply savour any of it. The price of the bread bowl, coffee and included service charge was £17 which in my opinion is a bit steep. It’s a great gimmick, and definitely a crowd pleaser, but for the price I was hoping to love it a bit more.

Surprisingly good brunch spot along the Regent's Canal. It's a very simple menu with the main feature being different versions of "breakfast in bread" - literally food, cheese and sauce inside a hollowed out sourdough bread. Love the creative idea and the centre (especially with the added egg) was luscious. Agree with other commenters, the bread was a bit hard to cut / chew, but it's still tasty. 


The Bargehouse makes for a great brunch stop during a weekend walk along the Regent's Canal. By 10:30 on a Saturday the restaurant was quite busy. The servers provided a warm welcome and the place had a relaxed feel to it. The restaurant/ event space is spread over three floors and there were a few tables outside along the canal too. The breakfast menu featured four "breakfast in bread" - an ingenious way of serving breakfast stables inside a hollowed out sourdough loaf of bread. They come with a steak knife as they are tough to cut and make for a very substantial meal. I opted for the veggie version filled with roasted tomato, leek, spinach and asparagus and topped with cheese and an egg. Needless to say that kept me going right up to dinner time. The menu also offered a number of baked goods but I was too full to try any. My only qualm would be that their juicer had broken the day before and the only juice available was orange juice. This was served in a small glass 1/3 filled with ice and for £4.50 I thought it was overpriced. Other than that though, I really enjoyed breakfast at The Bargehouse.

It doesn’t get much better than spending your Sunday kicking back in a café, watching the world go by on Regents Canal. 

Barge House stands out amongst the myriad of places to eat and drink here, largely because their iconic signature dish ‘Breakfast in Bread’ is one of the few things worth dragging yourself out of bed for...

There are four options to choose from; I went for the bespoke sourdough loaf stuffed with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, spinach, leeks, oyster mushrooms, topped with an egg and heaped with melted cheese. Er. Mah. Gerd. This heavenly, melty, gooey goodness really does taste as good as it sounds. It’s soul-satisfying food made from seasonal, local ingredients. And if you’re feeling fragile, wash it all down with a Bloody Mary concocted from house infused vodka: Cucumber, Rosemary or Chilli. Hair of the dog and all that.

You can walk off your inevitably humungous food baby with a stroll along the beautiful towpath, which takes you past Victoria Park, Broadway Market, Camden Lock and London Zoo. Barge House will quickly become one of your regular weekend haunts.

Just stopped by this place for a coffee, but it looks amazing, the food and the vibe. People were very friendly and fun, the menu looked great, and full of gluten free options and fresh smoothies. One and only thing, bit overpriced. I know the east London and canal side prices but maybe 3.30 for a latte with almond milk it's just too much.


- [ ] The barge house Seriously good and unique, the "breakfast in bread" brunch during the weekend is clearly an alternative choice and one of the best you will find in the area and around London. With great views of regents canal and its wildlife, The Barge House is a vibrant place with excellent service, nice decor with big or small wooden tables and of course delicious food. It is a bit expensive (around £12) but yet it's a must do. I had it all for myself but it can definitely be shared, too. There are 4 different tastes to chose from and I went for the classic ones but I'll definitely try the other 3, they are already on my to-do list! There is also a great selection of smoothies for a complete experience. The staff is very friendly and efficient and it is a great spot for coffee too. Tip: when the weather is warmer it's great to seat on the tables outside.


A fulfilling/different type of breakfast, if you are tired of the all time classic full English one. A whole bread stuffed with anything you need to start your day - Nice fresh juices also. Don't expect variety - they just serve this fresh bread in the full experience and vegetarian version plus 3 kind of fresh juices. Good service, nice space but a bit overpriced though.

Anyone who takes an entire loaf of bread, hollows it out and fills it with delicious breakfast items is a winner in my book. The Barge House breakfast/brunch and bloody mary's are the perfect antidote to a hang over or snotty cold. Choose from one of three infused vodkas (cucumber, chilli or rosemary) and order an extra side of fresh chilli for maximum boost! 

The interiors and surroundings are so lush, in a kinda stripped back industrial way. On a sunny day sit outside and while away the hours watching cyclists zoom by dangerously whilst sipping on a ice cold glass of wine or lovely (Climpson's Arch) coffee; the perfect Saturday pursuit. 


Oh my goodness, what a hidden Hackney gem! This place opened just over a year ago and we braved the freezing cold yesterday to grab a pair of their signature ‘Breakfast in Breads’- hollowed out sourdough loaves filled with delicious fillings topped with a free range egg and cheese, it was totally worth it! The brunch menu offers four versions - the original, the vegetarian, smoked salmon and hot stuff. We went for the original stuffed with smoked bacon, Cumberland sausage, slow roasted tomatoes, leeks, oyster mushrooms and spinach and hot stuff, filled with chorizo, hot beans, red peppers, spinach and chilli mushrooms. The bread was crisp and fresh, egg yolk runny and they didn’t skimp on the filling- I had all the ingredients in every bite and it was extremely tasty! It’s definitely not a light brunch, so factor in napping time afterwards!


I think Barge House must have polished up their act since Rosie A's review below. We visited for brunch this Sunday, and it was all I hoped it would be and more. Service was spot on, and the staff seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Our breakfast in bread was the stuff of dreams - super crusty on the outside, doughy and full of flavour on the inside. We ordered the salmon and crème fraîche as well as the full english and split half and half. An Aperol Spritz and fiery chilli bloody Mary topped it all off - we'll be back!


I was so excited when I read about The Barge House in the Evening Standard. I love brunch more than is humanly possible, so when I read about a meal served in a whole damn bread basket, a bacon and eggy treat of wonder - I locked in some pals for last Saturday morning and away we went. 

Nice vibes in this place by the canal, not far from Haggerston station and just a couple of doors down from the proud archivist which is one of my favourite spots for a summer drink or two. Lovely and bright though, with a nice decor. Outwardly looking in, this is my kinda place. 

The service here is overall really off. The staff weren't competent (and they should be, there's only one thing on the menu) and they weren't especially friendly I'm afraid. We were left waiting numerous times, and no one checked in on us. When we ordered drinks (we weren't offered any more when ours had been empty for a solid 30 minutes) they didn't arrive until we'd basically finished breakfast. 

The brunch bread bowl itself was good, but I must admit I was slightly underwhelmed after all the hype I'd heard. Tasty for sure, and definitely fills a gap if you're hungry. I think it could do with a bit more bread scooped out and a bit more filling. The sausages needed to be proper sausages, grilled and then added into the mix, not those anaemic ones. That said, the egg was perfect, bacon was nice and the tomatoes and spinach were good. All four of us basically finished our meals. 

My pal shared the picture of the bread bowl on fb and a lot of people were like WOW, I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE. I think it's certainly worth trying, but I'd love for this place to a) get the service sharpened up and b) work on absolutely nailing what's in the bread bowl - namely let's stuff it with more of the good stuff and lose some of the bread.

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