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Tropicana Beach Club
Venue says Join us every Friday night for our Tropicana throwback with the ultimate line-up of 80s, 90s, Hip-Hip, R&B & Summer Party Mash Ups.

A cocktail and music venue with a tropical theme on the site of what was Guanabara. With palm leaves aplenty and a multi-coloured lighting scheme, the bar gives off a party atmosphere.

If you’re here for the food, signature dishes include pork ribs with pineapple BBQ sauce, Thai green curry and jerk fried chicken marinated in buttermilk. A vibrant drinks list includes tropical twists on classic cocktails: ’the flamingo’ is a blend of rum, Martini and passoa shaken with elderflower, lime and apple juice.

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Tropicana Beach Club says
Escape the concrete jungle and enter paradise at Tropicana Beach Club. A rum-soaked tropical oasis is waiting to be discovered with surprises to be found in every lagoon, cove and rockpool. Embrace the summer spirit all year round with a dazzling array of luscious cocktails, delicious treats from the beach grill and show-stopping entertainment enchanting visitors late into the twilight hour. Leave the hustle and bustle of London behind and come join us in our blissful party paradise.

Opening October 2016, Tropicana Beach Club is a new one-stop destination venue promising to transport those looking to escape the concrete jungle to an oasis of paradise, where summer is celebrated all year round. Perhaps more typical of a luxurious holiday resort, the 600-capacity venue will feature unique design features including a lagoon pool boasting interactive and responsive technology, themed pool bars, 20ft palm trees, 12 beach cabanas, ‘chill-out’ hammocks available to hire and more than 500 model tropical birds and animals, including a flock of pink flamingos.

We love to party just as much as you do and making good times great is what we do best! Our party planners are on hand to help you create your perfect event, whether it’s a special occasion or, well, just because. The good times are here.
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Venue name: Tropicana Beach Club
Address: New London Theatre
Parker Street
corner of Drury Lane
Transport: Tube: Holborn tube
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Avatar for Joanne  M

Tropicana Beach Club is the place you definitely want to be if you want to party like it’s Summer.

From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I was transported into a Caribbean Island and straight away my mind was taken into party mood. The barman greeted us with his friendly smile and fun personality and gave me a shot which contained not alchol but pineapple and cranberry juice which made a change and was very refreshing.

I then went on my way upstairs to be greeted via two young Baywatch hopefuls. They swooped over my neck a Hawaiian garland and now I was feeling even more am I in the Caribbean and am I on holiday.

Now onto the bar area. There are two large bars which you can purchase lots of various drinks with some of them being served in such a fun unique way.  One cocktail you could have served comes in a flamingo mug or you could even have a sharing cocktail that comes in many forms for example one which I saw being served was a large speedboat with lots of straws coming out of it but what made it even more fun was that the Baywatch men took it to the table. That alone made me want to order a sharing cocktail to have the dishy looking men come and serve me. There is even great food to be had at this fun summery party place from vegetable burgers to chicken curry.

Throughout the night you are entertained via a vast array of entertainment from bands playing Caribbean style music, poet writers to fire eaters and so on. The fun just did not stop and I totally forgot that I was in London at one point. I especially loved the photo booth in where you could have your photo taken with various props from blow up bananas to straw hats such fun.

Tropicana Beach club really did transport my mind away from all the hustle and bustle of what life brings in the ever so busy London and I just wanted to party and dance the night away forever in this sizzling venue.

This is most the amazing place to go if you want a fun time, fun drinks, fun entertainment and a fun night.

I will certainly be dancing on down to Tropicana Beach Club again in the near future.

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Avatar for Zoe F

My friend and fellow tastemaker Holli invited me down with her for the opening party for Tropicana Beach Club she was fortunate to get as a little freebie - finally got round to reviewing as there was lots else happening at that time! As the time winter was begining and so obviously I was struck down with a stinking rotten cold (boo!) but I dragged myself there on the promise it would be a fun filled night.And that it was, when we got inside I was a new woman- don't know if it was the complimentary cocktails or hunks in trunks but I was suddenly staring to feel much better!

The party was had a lighthearted, holiday/carnival atmosphere with lots on entertainment of offer from dancers to steel drum performances and up close table magician. The decor was well imagined, with the dancefloor centre stage as the swimming pool. The location was good, not too much in tourist-central but close enough to everything.

There were menu samples going around, could have been more food on offer but I appreciated it's difficult to cater for such an event and doesn't help when some people help themselves to more than their fair share! Same goes with the bar offering, there was a queue yes but what do you expect when they're trying to serve everyone handmade cocktails - I'm confident the service would be better on a regular night as wouldn't be so much of a rush of everyone at the bar I'm sure. As many reviewers have stated before me, yes it is cheesy but for me that's all part of the fun - there are too many pretentious bars and clubs in London it's nice to go somewhere welcoming, with relaxed vibes.

Hope to return soon!

Avatar for Steph M

Came here on the opening night so was treated to a great party complete with Brazilian belly dancers and a full on band.  Food was passing around and managed to get my hand on some of the tacos which were very tasty! I'd say this is a fun bar to have a girls night in as it's guaranteed there will plenty of dancing on a night out.  It is also the right place to get that dress and heels on!

Honestly not my usual hang out as I prefer more relaxed vibes and this place reminded me of those touristy central London clubs.  Drinks were alright but far from the best cocktails you can get in the city.

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Avatar for Misha M.

Tropicana beach club is part of another existing club venue there. I didn't expect to have unlimited free drinks and food, but that being said it comes with a price. It took ages to get a drink because some bartenders there were very slow. I only tasted two tacos when food was being served all around the place. I cannot comment too much about the food. Their cocktail drinks were not bad, it was on a sweeter side but you can ask the bartender to trim down sugar inputs. I thought the environment was a bit cheesy with many shirtless men around. Maybe because I'm in my 30s, I just thought they were very cheesy!! I felt a little old compare to all the energetic 20 something people, but that didn't stop us from having fun. It was quite fascinating watching dressed up people trying to talk to each other but no one really did. My friend and I left early because it wasn't our type of thing but it was a fun cheesy experience. :) 

Avatar for Lizzie W

Tropicana beach club - surely you can forgive me for judging a book by its cover. The name screams cheese. However I was excited to attend their opening evening which promised free flowing alcohol, nibbles and plenty of entertainment. For a 7pm start on a Wednesday I was surprised to see a long queue however it was encouraging that it wasn't going to be dead inside.  

As soon as we went in the promise of tropical beach vibes was delivered with men in swim shorts, parrots and palm trees - and that was just the entrance hall. As soon as friendly staff had taken our coats and bags in the cloakroom we were taken upstairs, handed prosecco by more men in swim shorts and were given a brief intro to the clubs bars/areas and what was going on throughout the evening. A lot of the seats were already taken so we found a spot by the bar where we enjoyed our prosecco (and a few more glasses) and then on to the complimentary cocktails I went. There were 4 centering on different spirits and throughout the evening I managed to try 3 of them - the gin based one was delicious and refreshing, the pina colada-esque one was also good but the rum based drink served in a flamingo looked brilliant but was way too strong for me. The first few drinks were served in good time however as the night wore on the queues got bigger and bigger and the service inevitably got slower and slower.  

Entertainment wise there was a lot going on - a man playing the steel drums, surf board limbo with shots, amazing sharing cocktails in volcanoes and lovely ladies dancing. By 9pm it was a real fiesta with plenty of nibbles being served as well. A good spread of tacos however they proved hard to eat and were not the best quality.

I was pleasantly surprised with the opening night and the experience gets 4* from me however it still is a pricey club with slow service, a cheesy theme and average food. I know I wont be coming back so 3* from me!

Avatar for O. Gordon

It situated in a spot that is rather bereft, or at least considering it is Covent Garden, of other nightlife. Lying on the second floor, the walk up gives you a taste of whats to come, with fake tropical plants everywhere. The space itself is bigger than it looks with the dance floor and stage stuck right in the middle. Drinks were good and plentiful if expensive (what would you expect?) and the food seemed better than you'd expect from this kind of venue. The band was nice and up beat and the frontman was certainly enjoying himself. Overall, it felt a bit tacky but I guess you know what you're gonna get before you decide to come to a place like this, no?

Avatar for Chia-wen L

Tropicana is very easy to find. A great location between Covent Garden and Holborn tube station. We went to the opening party on the 12th, we waited less than five minutes before we get into the club, where there is a photo call background for  guest to take pictures, and then is a cloakroom you can put your large item away. Walking through the tropical theme hall we entered the bar which full of staff in red shorts.

The dance floor in the middle shape like a swimming pool. Free food and drinks were served in the night and interesting drinkware was used.

Food, tapas, chicken satay, cheese ball, chicken wings were also delicious.  DJ and orchestra performances made the atmosphere to the top. Even the security guard could not help but dance with the crowd.

The toilet was clean and when people knocked over their drinks, the staff appear quickly and removed the glass on the floor in a short time. 

Overall a very satisfied night out with friends!

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Avatar for Violet M

I am sorry to say I have very few positive things to say about this place. 

Since they're so few, I'll start with those: the dance floor was interesting set-up, made to look like a pool, the cocktail I had was delicious and came in an adorable flamingo cup, and the tacos were fantastic. 

This place is incredibly kitsch and cheesy - and I love cheesy, but this place is that kind of slimy-cheesy that makes you think, "are they really doing that?" From the half-naked men walking around serving tacos, to the over-the-top beach themes. I also found it weird that the bartenders were only men and the hostesses women.. The cocktail I had was delicious, and I talk about it in the singular because after having one we wait for 30 minutes to get another to no avail. There weren't nearly enough bartenders on site, and this was opening night. 

Aesthetically, it was just over the top with the beach decorations. It lacked any kind of authenticity to really immerse and feel like you were at a beach. 

On another note, the club is a weird amalgamation of "tropic cultures" from Hawaiian and Cuban to Brazilian. I don't know, call me too culturally sensitive, but these cultures are not the same. It was weird, and I couldn't enjoy it. 

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Avatar for Hollibakes

Walking into Tropicana Beach Club on the opening night, I instantly felt as if I'd left the chilling London location and been transported to somewhere hot and tropical... (guess that was mission accomplished by the owners!) Waiters and waitresses dress as if they've been at the beach, there is a pool as a dance floor and a plethora of cocktails on offer! What more could you want?! The steel drum band were amazing, blending the drum playing along with the 80's club classics playing in the background. Would definitely recommend!

Avatar for Ruth J

A bit different from the usual central London nightclubs with the Tropicana theme but couldn't help to think that it was just the same concept slightly updated.

After we had stopped reeling from the under 25 topless men serving bubbles on trays, there was lots of entertainment including dancing and live music. Big beach vibe and the cocktail's were pretty decent. The food was a lot tastier than expected, although beef tacos didn't seem to fit with the Tropicana theme. The live band really knew how to get the crowd going with all the usual crowd pleasers.

The overall vibe is fun and cheesy but perhaps slightly out dated. Still a fun place to end up for a late night boogy mid week. I'm not sure if I would warrant it my Saturday night entertainment though.

Avatar for Aude

I went to Tropicana beach club with a friend on the opening night.

It was in the middle of the week and I wasn’t really up to party, but if you are, this is a great place, changing from the usual clubs. We are under the tropics, dancing on some Latino rhythms with some Rio carnival dancers!

The venue is organised as a theatre; a central and round dance area in front of the band scene, and all around loads of tables which make the place pretty pleasant as you will be able to rest a bit your feet after a long moment on the dance floor!

Funny fact, the waiters can compete with the Hollister models in their red swimsuit and are definitely nicer to look than the Baywatch lifeguards.

Avatar for Jboyle14

Hard to criticise too much it is does exactly what it says it will. By that I mean it's your typical beach club themed bar, with lifeguard waiters, palm trees etc and it is pretty cheesy and kitsch but it's not the worst place you  could end up on a winters night!

Avatar for Chlo Fo

This place does what it says on the tin, if you're looking for a cheesy night out with some skimpily clad waiters prancing round the 'pool' then this is your spot. Cocktails are pretty good (even if they do take an age to receive) and the place has fun vibes and decor (especially the rather spectacular flamingo cocktail vessel). It's only a matter of time before your feet stick to the floor and this place assumes it's rightful role of sleezy nightclub, but everyone needs to feel like they're a 18 year old with their first taste of freedom once in a while.

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Avatar for Annette B

Tropicana Beach Club was once occupied by Guananara, now has been transformed into a concrete jungle paradise. Yes, Believe it! Tropicana has brought the tropics indoors, complete with 30ft palm trees, boasting sound effects of the sea, men in trunks (who looked like they had stepped right out of an Abercrombie and Fitch ad)

I was lucky enough to attend the launch party and wayhey, what a night it was! As soon as I walked through the double doors, I was greeted with a glass of prosecco with a full view in the middle was a pool like area and surfboard limbo was taking place (imagine that) I thought to myself I have to get myself in on that and give it a go.

Tropicana Beach Club stocks a treasure cove of rums with over 50 cocktails to choose from. On the night they had complimentary drinks on offer: Jager Storm, Tropo-colada, Sol Beer, Prosecco and Alisios wines.

I went for "She don't love me lychee used to". Which consisted of Tanqueray Gin mixed with Lychee, Sugar and Lime. and the "Flamingo" which consisted of Brugal Blanco Rum, Martini and Passoa shaken with elderflower, fresh lime and apple juice.

Every time a sharing cocktail drink came out which was either a palm tree, a giant pina colada or a 3ft yacht, there was a celebration with sparklers and the entire team would flock to the middle and dance before delivering to the chosen party. 

The entertainment was on Fleek. I am a fan of all things carnival, the dancers were dressed in sequinned carnival costumes (think Rio) and swaying us with their dance moves. Dj Fresh was on the decks playing some floor fillers that certainly got the crowds going. Later on, we were treated to Cabaret performances and Caribbean-style steel drums.

Overall Tropicana Beach Club is an upbeat and exciting night out. Great for large groups, perfect for a hen do, Christmas party, a birthday or as an alternative night out. So guys take your squad and enjoy!

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Avatar for Olivia Mac

London newest and not to be missed nightclub. If you're looking for something exotic, memorable and addictive - Tropicana Beach Club is your destination! Great food, especially the tacos and crispy squid. Fantastic Cocktails served by super cool bar staff. The sizzling live entertainment and DJ's will make you want to dance all night. My new favourite hotspot - Tropical getaway in the heart of London.

Avatar for Manningalive

Soft white sands, a blue lagoon, Cocktail time, a summer's tune, A whole night's holiday!  I don’t think George Michael had an inner city club off Covent Garden in mind when he wrote these words but somehow they’ve rung true.  Expect a night of all singing all dancing holiday fun.  As you walk in your senses will be in overdrive as you eye the half naked men (who look like they’ve fallen right out of the Abercrombie & Fitch roller deck), taste the fluro cocktails, and take a seat under a palm tree.  It’s every bit as unashamedly garish as you would expect but once you accept that then you can actually have a fun night, which was exactly what we did.  I’m not saying I would pick here for a night out, choose to pay the central London prices, or accept the relentless bar queueing but I do think everyone should try this place once.

Avatar for Antonio J

It's so refreshing to have a brand new club opening in the West End. London has been crying out for something new and with lots of concept bars and restaurants opening, it was important for Tropicana Beach Club to offer something special. They offer the whole package with lots of entertainment, cocktails, great food offering and then late night partying. Perfect for after work drinks or weekend party nights. 

Avatar for Stefan S

Went for launch evening - so this review is biased, as drinks were free and crowds a-plenty! The interior is as advertised - a fun, large space that leaves plenty of room for beach vibes, live music and loose dancing. Unfortunately bar staff took our drinks orders and then forgot to serve us. So can't tell you what the cocktails are like! However will be curious to venture back for another night.

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Tropicana Beach Club: 2 courses & a cocktail £20

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