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25 things you (probably) didn't know about the London Underground


Londoners love a good bit of tube trivia – almost as much as we love complaining about engineering works. To feed our thirst for tube knowledge, Hull Trains (admittedly, an unlikely source for information on London's tube network) has come up with 25 facts about the London Underground.

They range from stuff you (probably) already know about, like the fact that there are 270 stations on the network, to some pretty great pub quiz trivia. For example, who knew that every week, tube escalators travel the equivalent distance of twice the world's circumference? And have you ever wondered how the tube got its name? It was based on a nickname for the Central line, which was known as the Twopenny Tube, because all fares cost two pence. Those were the days, eh?

Check out the infographic for more tube trivia:

Image: Mike Lodge

Want more cool tube news? You can now go on a tour of a disused tube station.

And have you seen this Shakespearean tube map?

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