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A ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ prequel could be on the way – but without Tom Hardy!

By Time Out Film

‘Mad Max Fury Road’ was such a hit in 2015 that it’s hardly surprising that there’s now talk of an imminent prequel being shot in Australia as early as this year. It's set to star Charlize Theron again, but Tom Hardy is not expected to return to the series just yet.

Nothing has been formally confirmed by director and ‘Mad Max’ creator George Miller – and so this must be chalked up as a rumour for now – but it’s long been known that Miller is keen to keep developing the stories which he first brought to the screen in the late 1970s with 'Mad Max' and which first brought Mel Gibson to the attention of film fans. ‘Fury Road’ was a big success at the box office and it won six Oscars earlier this year – more than any other movie nominated – and so the appetite to make another film at the franchise’s home, Warner Brothers, must be strong.

According to reports in the Australian press, it's expected that Charlize Theron will return to the series, and the new movie will focus largely on the back story of her character, the terrifying, hairless Furiosa, and Immortan Joe's finest warrior, known as Imperator.

Theron's character was already the main focus of 'Fury Road' and almost put Mad Max himself in the shade. The suggested prequel means that there will be no place in the story for Max himself – which might be for the best as Theron has spoken publicly about how her on-set relationship with Hardy wasn’t exactly warm

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