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Bet you don't know about... hangover cure Ohayo


Oh, hey, what's this then?

Ohayo is, according to the label, a ‘super hydration method’, with ‘Alice in Wonderland’-style instructions: ‘Drink before bed. Wake up. Feel good.’

So, a hangover cure, then?

We couldn’t possibly comment. But we’ll try anything once, even if its ingredients read like an A-Level biology paper. Essentially, it’s a magnesium-rich blend of spring water with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and milk thistle extract (thought to help repair damaged liver cells).

Wow. What does it taste like?

Like Berocca on heat. Chug this down at bedtime and you’ll wake with its salty flavour still lingering. You might – might – also rise with a spring in your step, though.

Sold. Where can I get it?

From (£3.75). Now pray. 

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