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'Can I have a Big Mac?': The London Fire Brigade reveals its weirdest hoax calls

Isabelle Aron

Thought London's Fire Brigade spent their days fighting fires? Not exactly. A few months ago, we learned that London firefighters are called out four times a day to rescue children stuck in potties. But when they're not removing potties from the heads of small children, they're fending off prank callers. 

The London Fire Brigade has released a list of their top ten weirdest prank calls, including a person who tried to order a Big Mac, someone asking for the Queen and a man who wanted to report that his pants were on fire (who definitely sounds like a liar).

According to new figures from the London Fire Brigade, the control centre received 6,820 malicious hoax calls last year. With ones that were quite obviously hoaxes – like the guy pretending to be the Prime Minister reporting a fire at 10 Downing Street – they were able to 'challenge' them, which basically means giving the caller a chance to come clean. The control centre successfully challenged 5,504 prank calls last year.

With the summer holidays in full swing, the London Fire Brigade is trying to encourage parents to stop their children from prank calling the emergency services. And while they're at it, they should probably have a word about not shoving their heads in potties, too. 

Here's the full list of weirdest prank calls:

Caller said he was eating a hot chilli and his mouth was on fire
Man saying his pants are on fire
Caller claiming there's a fire at the Statue of Liberty
Caller complaining of a barking dog
Woman calling to say she is scared of spiders
Caller stating she is scared of a dead cat outside
Person wanting a Big Mac
Children calling because they want to see firefighters
Caller asking for the Queen
Caller saying he's the Prime Minister and reporting a fire at 10 Downing Street

The London Fire Brigade also has to rescue at least two Londoners trapped in toilets every day

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