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Check out these amazing photos of London from above

Luke Abrahams

Last month, New Yorker and high-flying fine art photographer Jeffrey Milstein rented out a private helicopter to capture London in a jaw-dropping series of aerial photographs.

In just 60 minutes, Jeffrey shot a load of amazing images of city landmarks – and get this – he took them all with the heli door wide open. The incredible series includes flyovers over the Gherkin, the London Eye, Covent Garden Market, HM Treasury, St Paul's Cathedral, the British Museum, Trafalgar Square and even Buckingham Palace.

The project didn't come without its fair share of turbulent bumps, though. Time restraints, good old British weather, dwindling light, height restrictions and air traffic control were just a few of the obstacles Milstein had to overcome: He told Time Out: 'To get the shot of the Gherkin we needed to get above the allowable height in that area. They gave us a few minutes and I was able to nail it.'

After looking at a few of the snaps for yourself, we're pretty certain you'll agree with us that Jeffrey nailed the lot. Here are a few of his epic images. 

Buckingham Palace    

Buckingham Palace by Jeffrey Milstein

Royal Courts of Justice 

Royal Courts of Justice by Jeffrey Milstein

Bank station

Bank station by Jeffrey Milstein

The British Museum   

British Museum by Jeffrey Milstein

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey by Jeffrey Milstein

Trafalgar Square 

Trafalgar Square by Jeffrey Milstein

St Paul's Cathedral 

St. Paul's Cathedral by Jeffrey Milstein

Charing Cross station 

Charing Cross station by Jeffrey Milstein

Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market by Jeffrey Milstein

HM Treasury  

HM Treasury by Jeffrey Milstein

 The London Eye

London Eye by Jeffrey Milstein

Waterloo station

Waterloo station by Jeffrey Milstein

The Walkie Talkie 

Walkie Talkie by Jeffrey Milstein

The Gherkin   

The Gherkin by Jeffrey Milstein

Piccadilly Circus  

Piccadilly Circus by Jeffrey Milstein


Guildhall by Jeffrey Milstein

Smithfield Market 

Smithfield Market by Jeffrey Milstein

Bank of England

Bank of England by Jeffrey Milstein

Somerset House

Somerset House by Jeffrey Milstein

For more amazing pics, follow Jeffrey on Instagram at @jeffreymilstein and check out his awesome website to see his latest sky-high adventures.


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