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Cntfest: an art exhibition inspired by the 'worst band imaginable' comes to Dalston

Miriam Bouteba

Along with, 'which guests would be around the table at your fantasy dinner party?' for decades people have asked themselves – and each other – who would be in their dream band. But for graphic designer Bryan Mayes the question instead was always, who would be in the 'worst band imaginable?' And that was the germ of an idea that sprouted Cntfest, a celebration of both the 'cuntiest line-up in the history of music' together with some of the capital's best young illustrators, designers and artists.

Each member of Bryan's nightmarish 12 piece band – which sees Sting playing sitar opposite cheese enthusiast Alex James on bass and the consciously-uncoupled Chris Martin on piano alongside a whole host of musicians with questionable behaviour – has been given to a different artist who has in turn distilled their qualities into an illustration. Here's a sneak peek at some of our favourites, but you can see the line-up in its entirety this Thursday from 6pm at The Victoria in Dalston, plus take part in some K*nt Karaoke where heckling is encouraged and then dance the rest of the evening away as a non-cunty DJ takes to the decks. 

Liane Plant

Rob Flowers

Russell Taysom

Andy Forshaw

See full details of the event here


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