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Go to an exhibition of the UK's most commonly stolen items made entirely out of felt

Kyra Hanson

Felt sculpture artist Lucy Sparrow has returned with another felt-themed exhibition – this time she has created items commonly nicked from supermarkets, including rashers of bacon, boxes of condoms and bottles of bubbly. So, life's essentials, then. 

Sparrow wants to highlight the fact that shoplifting is more prevalent that you might think. In fact, 97 percent of petty theft in the UK is committed by non-professional thieves, so the chances are that one of your pals has swiped something from the shelves.

She's recreated all of the UK’s most shoplifted items in felt alongside cabinets stuffed with felt Rolexes, fag packets and Spam. From rebellious teens sneaking six-packs to overzealous celebs stealing posh cheese, there's probably something in there you might consider swiping – although a tin of Spam is probably fairly low down the list.

The exhibition takes place at the Lawrence Alkin Contemporary Art Gallery, 42 New Compton St, WC2H 8DA. Until November 26.

Check out the pictures from when Lucy Sparrow created a sex shop made entirely from felt


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