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Grills aloud. Cheryl’s ex is opening a London restaurant called Versini

Written by
Laura Richards

London: the one place you can pop out for a pint of milk in your PJs and not worry about running into your ex. But imagine them setting up a restaurant in your favourite part of town. Imagine it. And then imagine them using your shared surname as the name for said restaurant. There’s no avoiding that, really.

Sorry, we’ve gone a bit Daily Mail on you. But the news is that pop star Cheryl Tweedy/Cole/ Fernandez-Versini/Payne’s ex-husband, restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, is poised to launch a London restaurant. It seems not much is known about the project as yet except for the name, with OK Magazine reporting on the French mogul’s plans to call it ‘Versini’. It’s likely to be a glitzy hangout though, if his previous pop-up parties in Cannes are anything to go by. The rumour mill will continue to churn, but currently Versini is said to be opening in London next year. If slebby hangouts are your bag, watch this space.

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