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Hot diggity damn, it's time to put your clocks forward and do a little dance

Guy Parsons

If you wisely choose to make Time Out your sole source of news and information, then rest assured we're here to remind you to put the clocks forward on SATURDAY NIGHT at 1am, at which point it will instantly be 2am. [Photo: 50Creative]

In fact 1am is an excellent time to schedule anything unpleasant, as the hour will pass in literally no time at all. (Though it's bad news for clubbers, who will lose a precious hour of rug-cutting, and people in bed, who will lose a precious hour of being in bed.)

But what, pray tell, are the consequences of all this horological tomfoolery? Mark this: that although sunrise will be an hour later (at 6.46am), the VASTLY more relevant sunset will now not happen until 7.26pm at the earliest. For months and months to come!

In actual fact, it will continue to get lighter for another 88 days (until June 21) and then it'll take another 88 days to get this dark again, so all in all you're looking at a 176 day Vitamin D-rich orgy of exposure to the sun's glorious (if admittedly carcinogenic) rays.

Nonetheless you can expect cloud and rain to continue as usual. HELLO BRITISH SUMMER TIME, MY OLD FRIEND. HAVE YOU COME TO LET US DOWN AGAIN?

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