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In pictures: ‘Venom – Killer and Cure’


See the terrifying specimens that are ending and saving lives with their secretions at the Natural History Museum. Warning: the exhibition contains images that some may find disturbing (you’re welcome).

Weeve it out! 





The lesser weeverfish secretes a potent venom from tiny spikes on its fin. 


Stone cold




If he looks smug, it’s probably because this stonefish can kill a human with one sting. 


Bat out of hell



The vampire bat possesses spit that can prolong its victim’s bleeding – all so the sucker can have a sanguine feast. 


Green goblin

It might look pretty but the emerald cockroach wasp uses its venom to paralyse and ‘enslave’ cockroaches. 


Check out these other little (and not so little) creeps on show!

Burgundy Goliath birdeater




Coastal taipan 

 Velvet ant


 Red fire ant



‘Venom: Killer and Cure’ is on at the Natural History Museum until May 13 2018. £9, £5 concs. 

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