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Londoners spend more than three hours a day on the toilet (and secretly on the phone)

Isabelle Aron

Is there always a queue for the loos in your office? It might not be because of the dodgy canteen food. According to a recent poll, more than half of Londoners take the time to have a quick browse of the old t'interweb while on the toilet. And when we're not scrolling through Facebook or seeing how many people have double-tapped our latest Instagram post, 75 percent of those surveyed also admitted to calling their friends and family while sitting on the bog. Let's hope they at least have the decency to wait until they've hung up before flushing.

The study monitored a group of Londoners to find out how much time they spend per day in the toilet and it turns out that the average was a whopping 3 hours and 12 minutes. Think of all the toilet roll they must be getting through, amiright? But according to the survey, 38 percent said that they spend at least half their time in the toilet on their phones, and 31 per cent said they regularly wasted time in the loo. Come on guys, you're taking the piss.

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Image: Steve Jurvetson

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