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London’s fitness bloggers share their tips for keeping fit this winter

Matilda Egere-Cooper

If you’ve promised yourself to get in shape in 2016 but the crappy weather’s killing your mojo, you’re in luck: here are some of the capital’s fitness bloggers with tips to help you keep up the workouts in these duller months.  

Embrace the cold

Jude Brosnan from I Speak Bike: 'There are people who cycle all year round in shorts and swim in the Serpentine every morning, even if they have to break the ice. Keep exercising outside and your body will adapt to the changing temperature.' Follow Jude on Twitter @JudeBrosnan.

Tune into YouTube

Lifestyle vlogger Lottie Murphy: 'I love YouTube in the winter for workouts as it means I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home and can even wear my pyjamas. YouTube has some amazing yoga, HIIT and pilates workouts too.' Follow Lottie on Twitter @LottielMurphy.

Sort out your kit

Running blogger Stephen Skinner: 'Know your own body and how much you heat up when exercising and get clothing that is suitable. Buy clothing that you can layer up so that mid-exercise or run you can alter your temperature. A comfortable running bag is always handy, especially in the winter if you do want to shed layers.' Follow Steve on Twitter @StephenSkinner6.

Make a music playlist

Fitness vlogger AJ Odudu: 'Let's face it, you need to be in the right frame of mind to work out. Playlist a bunch of songs that make you feel happy, strong and invincible and crank it up just before you workout. Beyonce's 'Run the World', M.I.A's 'Bring the Noize', Missy Elliot's 'Lose Control' and the theme tune from 'Rocky' never fail me.' Follow AJ on Twitter @AJOdudu. 

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Work out with friends...

Endurance runner Susie Chan: 'It's easier to bail on training in the dark winter months. I find if you arrange to meet up with people to train, it's much easier to get out the door, keep the training going and the training itself is much more enjoyable. Whether it's in a class, on a run or a trip to the gym – buddy up!' Follow Susie on Twitter @Susie__Chan.

....or just stay at home

Personal trainer Darren Onyejekwe: 'Don't use the wet and cold weather as an excuse not to exercise. Work out at home instead. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for any time of the year and although we'd love to be enjoying the fresh air, sometimes the British winter weather is too hideous to be doing push-ups outside. Plan a body circuit consisting of squats, push-ups, pull-ups and your favourite core exercises to get a great workout, all from the comfort of your front room.' Follow Darren on Instagram @bodyweight_d.

Try something new

Sophie Kay from The Fitology Way: 'Running outside in the snow might not be the safest way to keep fit so why not try indoor swimming? Or track cycling? Or something a bit more left-field like trampolining?' Follow Sophie on Twitter @sophieakay.

Appeal to your inner child

Ify Osi from 'Routine has its place in fitness but coupled with the chill of the winter months things can go stale and motivation can dry up very quickly. Pep things up, shake up the routine and appeal to your inner child. Turn your workouts into games, think outside the box and think 'play'. You'll take your mind off the cold and you'll keep your body guessing as well as in tip-top shape.' Follow Ify on Twitter @fizzYcaL_com.

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