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Rob Greig

Quit your job, become a... journalist

By Time Out London contributor

Reader Jess Flynn talks to Eddy Frankel, 30, Front Section editor for Time Out

Did you always want to be a journalist?

'I knew I wanted to write from a very young age. I guess I realised I was good at words and I could make my family laugh with them. I was convinced I could make my millions in journalism. I was wrong - but realistically, I need a job where I can wear shorts, so it's either this or become a postman.'

How did you actually get into it?

'I worked a lot on the student newspaper at university, writing loads and becoming features editor. After graduating, I got a temp job and saved a bit of money so that I could afford a three-week internship at The Art Newspaper. There, I made myself incredibly annoying and insisted on writing and doing as much as I could. They gave me my first paid writing gig within a couple of weeks. I then got offered a job making music for video games so I dumped journalism and worked on Guitar Hero and DJ Hero for three years. After I realised I actually hated making music for other people and really missed writing, I managed to get myself one day a week writing the music listings for Time Out. Eventually I was working on loads of other sections, and they decided to make me a staff writer. Now they're stuck with me. There's a contract and everything.'

What does your average day look like?

'My day is spent writing, organising, commissioning and editing copy. My other responsibility is to bully and distract the features editor, who sits next to me, which takes up a big chunk of my time.'

What gets you out of bed each morning?

'I just love writing. I love words and the rhythm of language and the way sentences scan. It's really nice spending my time creating something I like. That's what keeps you going, especially through all the yelling.'


'I have been yelled at by some very famous people. Ozzy Osbourne, Tracey Emin, the Chapman Brothers, Ray Winstone: all have yelled at me or threatened to have me fired. Yet I have endured. Suck it, celebs. I win!'

Hours: 40hrs p/w or more

Starting salary: Entry-level jobs start at around £18,000 p/a

Qualifications: University degree in relevant subject

By Jess Flynn 26, office manager, Ladbroke Grove - ‘I’m an Aussie expat who just wants to leave a permanent mark behind when visa o’clock comes along.’

Or why not become a glassblower?

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