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Really need to cool off? Here are the UK's best water rides

Ben Williams

Sure, the lines will be lengthy. And that long, hot car ride will be testing. But it's all worth it when you get locked into that seat and receive a drenching.

Nope, er, that's not a euphemism. We mean water rides! (Again, not a euphemism.) At theme parks! The most fun you can have to cool off in this heatwave is to get aboard a log flume and embrace the waves.

Here are the best water rides the UK has to offer. No ponchos allowed.

Tidal Wave – Thorpe Park, Surrey

What is it? A giant water flume. Boats holding 20 people climb to the top of a hill, turn around and then slide down a massive drop into a splash pool. That's about it.
Splash factor 5/5. You'll feel like you've just jumped into a swimming pool.
More info See our Thorpe Park listing.

Stormforce 10 – Drayton Manor, Staffordshire

What is it? An innovative log flume ride, all themed around a lifeboat rescue mission. The ride has so far raised over £66,000 for the RNLI by donating a portion of their ride photography profits.
Splash factor 4/5. There are three splashtastic drops, and one of them is backwards.
More info See our Drayton Manor listing.

Congo River Rapids – Alton Towers, Staffordshire

What is it? Eight people sit in a circle and float along these (mild) rapids in the Katanga Canyon area of the park. Next year it celebrates its thirtieth birthday.
Splash factor 3/5. It's all luck-of-the-draw with rapids rides. Sometimes you can get a soaking, other times stay bone-dry. You never know.
More info See our Alton Towers listing.

Splash Battle – Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire

What is it? You're in control on this interactive water ride. Each rider is armed with a water gun to soak people in the other 'submarines'. And watch out from dry land – those water cannons can reach you, too.
Splash factor 4/5. And there's always one who can give it but can't take it.
More info Go to

Rameses Revenge – Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

What is it? Not a water ride exactly, but Rameses Revenge – one of Chessington's few actual thrill rides – gives a solid soaking. Sit in the middle and the ride's finale will leave you needing a hair dryer.
Splash factor 4/5. But choose a seat at the sides and you'll stay dry.
More info See our Chessington World of Adventures listing.

Valhalla – Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Lancashire

What is it? One of the most expensive water rides ever built. This Viking-themed flume is all indoors, has a ton of special effects (including fire and snow) and features a backwards drop. It's pretty damn impressive.
Splash factor 5/5. And Blackpool's climate will rarely dry you off quickly.
More info See our Blackpool feature.

Can't make it one of these? Just watch these gifs of an awesome waterslide instead!

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