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Someone's auctioned off a reserved seat on the tube on eBay

Isabelle Aron

Getting a seat on the tube during rush hour is a bit of a minefield – you need stealth, determination and eyes like a hawk, all of which can feel a bit too much like hard work first thing in the morning. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just stake your claim ahead of your journey and reserve a seat? Sure, that might sound a bit far-fetched but someone decided to try their luck and auction off a 'limited edition' reserved seat on the tube on eBay.

As well as the obvious logistical issues of how reserving a seat on the tube would work, the 'item' is apparently located in Derbyshire, which was definitely not part of the London Underground network last time we checked. The seller writes that all profits will go to charity, but people were having none of it as the reserved seat only received one bid, making a whopping grand total of 99p. We can't imagine that reserving seats on the tube is going to take off anytime soon, which means we'll have to carry on fighting it out for that last seat in the carriage – but at least it'll feel like sweet, sweet victory when you do manage it.

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