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Take our 30-hour Ab Fab challenge, sweetie

By Amy Smith

It seems London is really rather excited about ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’, out on July 1, if the amount of random Ab Fab-themed parties happening soon is anything to go by.

If you're sitting there in slightly smudged eyeliner and someone else’s coat, swigging from a bottle of Chanel No.5, then you sound like the perfect candidate to accept the challenge of a full-on Eddie and Patsy marathon. Three different parties in two days – that’s roughly 30 hours of Ab Fabness! On your marks, get set, totter…

Friday July 1

8pm-1am: After a screening of the new film at the Hackney Picturehouse, trip upstairs to the Hackney Attic for an even fabber party: ‘This isn’t a rave, it’s a happening’. Throw shapes and shake your massive earrings to the best ’90s music courtesy of Massive Arms DJs. And though you have many hours ahead of you, absolutely don’t pace yourself. Your mantra: what would Patsy and Edina do?

1am-9.30am: Chain smoke, maintain root lift with a magnum of hairspray, reapply lippy and drink (never, ever from a glass – it’s all about the Stoli bottle swig, sweetie). Suppress your inner Saffy telling you to go to bed.

Saturday July 2

9.30am-2pm: Kick off round two with bloody marys and a morning rave at the Brixton Ritzy. Grab your puffer jacket, bum bag and gold chains for an Edina-style workout, followed by a smoked salmon and Bolly brunch before another screening of the film at midday. Yes, this will be your second viewing. See it as an opportunity to really take in the astonishing number of celeb cameos. Was that really Jean Paul Gaultier?!

2pm-10.30pm: Do some PR. Badly.

10.30pm-3.30am: It’s the final hurdle – unashamed cheesefest Club de Fromage is devoting a whole night to Pats, Eddie and other iconic women with a more musical bent. There’s a chance to win Ab Fab merch and have a sing-song, and as you will by now look gloriously wrecked, you should be able to swan past the queue along with all the other fancy-dressers.

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